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Although you can t create some types of charts from pivot table data, you can link the data to another worksheet, and then use the linked data as the source for a chart.
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CHAPTER 14: Email on Your iPod touch
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The objective of tuning an Oracle system could be stated as reducing the time that users spend in performing actions in the database, or simply reducing DB time.
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Note The using statement is different than the using directives. The using directives are covered in
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<configuration> <microsoft.web.services2> <diagnostics /> <policy> <cache name="c:\projects\WSTestPolicy\policyCache.xml" /> </policy> <security> <x509 allowTestRoot="true" allowRevocationUrlRetrieval="false" verifyTrust="false" /> </security> </microsoft.web.services2> </configuration>
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CLR and BCL Changes
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In this section we show you how to use everything you get in the box with your iPod touch. We also give you some iPod touch battery and charging tips, help you determine if your iPod touch is already activated, and take a look at the Slide to Unlock feature.
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Defining Properties in a Custom Attribute
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The sort_area_size is removed from the SPFILE, which you can verify by issuing the following: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> connect / as sysoper; Connected. public%ORA11GR2> create pfile="/tmp/pfile.tst" from spfile; File created. You can then review the contents of /tmp/pfile.tst, which will be generated on the database server. You ll find the sort_area_size parameter does not exist in the parameter files anymore.
To demonstrate a game loop in action, let s create a project. Starting with the OpenGL ES template found in Xcode, I ll walk through some changes you can make that will be first steps toward working portably. The OpenGL ES template uses a regularly triggering timer that calls a function. By default, it s set up to call 60 times per second. This timer will be used to call the frame code, thus creating the loop. The iPhone doesn t require you to create a game loop this way, but this approach is good on battery power (in the case of the iPhone). Alternatively, for better performance, you may want to look into creating a thread. After you ve created the project, navigate to the project folder in Finder. Create a folder named Source. All your game-specific code will go in Source. The Objective-C code will live in its default folder, Classes. This way, the game code and system code are separate. Objective-C code does us little good on other platforms, so why let it get in the way Inside your Source folder, create the files game.h and game.c containing the game code shown in Listings 6-2 and 6-3, respectively.
System.Double Price, TradeType tradeType) { // Implementation code not shown } [WebMethod] //XML and SOAP serialization attributes not shown public Trade RequestTradeDetails(string Account, string TradeID) { // Implementation code not shown } [WebMethod] //XML and SOAP serialization attributes not shown public Trades RequestAllTradesSummary(string Account) { // Implementation code not shown } } } The Web service methods no longer implement their own business logic. Instead, every method must delegate incoming requests to the business assembly. For example, Listing 4-5 shows how the RequestQuote Web method delegates an incoming service request to the RequestQuote method in the business assembly. Listing 4-5. Delegation in the RequestQuote Web Method [WebMethod] // XML and SOAP attributes not shown public Quote RequestQuote(string Symbol) { StockTraderBusiness b = new StockTraderBusiness(); Quote q = b.RequestQuote(Symbol); return q; } The code is extremely simple because the Web service and the business assembly share the same type definitions and implement the same interface. The communication between the parties is seamless because they share a common vocabulary. Figure 4-4 shows the Solution Explorer window for the project, with the References nodes expanded so that you can see how the assembly references are configured in each of the projects: StockTraderTypes, StockTraderBusiness, and StockTraderContracts. In addition, this figure includes the client console application, StockTraderConsole, which is described in step 6.
} else { // throw an exception - the arguments are not valid throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException(); } } public int CalculateSum(int num1, int num2) { // check that the parameters are valid if (CheckRange(num1, num2)) { // number is valid - perform calculation return num1 + num2; } else { // throw an exception - the arguments are not valid throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException(); } } public double CalculateRatio(int num1, int num2) { // check that the parameters are valid if (CheckRange(num1, num2)) { // number is valid - perform calculation return num1 / num2; } else { // throw an exception - the arguments are not valid throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException(); } } private bool CheckRange(int num1, int num2) { return num1 > 0 && num1 < 100 && num2 > 0 && num2 < 100; } } The class in Listing 9-6 contains a private method called CheckRange, which is called by the other methods. Since this a private method, no other type can use the CheckRange functionality, meaning that I can make changes without breaking other code that depends on MyClass. We can go further and include the exception into the CheckRange method to further reduce duplication, as shown in Listing 9-7. Listing 9-7. Combining Validation and Exception Generation in a private Method using System; class MyClass { public int CalculateProduct(int num1, int num2) { // check that the parameters are valid CheckRange(num1, num2); // perform calculation return num1 * num2; }
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