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Create a new VB State Machine Workflow Console Application called VBWhileStateMachineExample. View the code and create a private integer variable called IntCounter and initialize it to 0: Private IntCounter As Integer = 0 Also, add the WhileCondition sub with the same code as the Sequential workflow example: Public Sub WhileCondition(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ConditionalEventArgs) e.Result = IntCounter < 10 IntCounter = IntCounter + 1 End Sub Name the default state CompletedState and set it as the CompletedState. Add a new State activity with a name of FirstState. Add a StateInitialization activity to the FirstState activity. Within the StateInitialization activity, add a While activity with a Condition property pointing to the WhileCondition sub that was created earlier. Within the While activity, add a Code activity and leave the default name. Generate the handlers for the Code activity and add a message box that displays the value of IntCounter: Private Sub codeActivity1_ExecuteCode(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) MsgBox(IntCounter) End Sub Finally, to avoid an issue with the state machine not completing, add another SetState activity after the While activity. This SetState activity should have the CompletedState as its target state. When the While activity is completed, this SetState activity will complete the workflow; otherwise, when the While activity is completed, the state machine would wait and never complete. The FirstState activity should look like Figure 3-6. Add a breakpoint to the FirstState activity and debug the workflow. Each time the While activity is executed, the Code activity is executed. If you try to use a SetState activity within the While activity to set the state to another state that would have the Code activity in it, the Code activity will never be executed. If you want to execute an activity within the While activity of a state machine, that activity needs to be within the While activity. As with the IfElse example, the code for a C# example of the state machine isn t significantly different from an example for a Sequential workflow, so I won t show that code.
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Grow.Begin(); } void btnGrow_SizeChanged(object sender, SizeChangedEventArgs e) { if (btnGrow.ActualWidth == 300) { btnGrow.Content = "This button now shrinks"; } } Figure 10-2 shows the Button btnGrow in the forward and reverse iteration stages.
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// Single statement // Multiple statements--block
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CHAPTER 5: Starting with a Game Design Document: A Methodology for Success
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Sys.Component and Client Component Model
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IEditableObject Interface
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Note If you aren t familiar with annotations, you might want to read up on this Java 5 feature before
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