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Listing 12-21. Query showing the number of shared pool latches select count(*) from v$latch_children where name="shared pool" COUNT(*) ---------7
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Figure 1-11. Sample message disassembly
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Raise the Event
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High CPU usage in user mode is a typical symptom of latch contention. This high CPU usage is a result of spinning associated with latch waits. The typical knee-jerk response to such spinning is to decrease the value of the initialization parameter _spin_count (default 2000), but that is often an incorrect response. It is essential to understand the root cause behind latch contention and resolve that root cause. Latch contention can be observed using utilities such as Statspack, Automatic Workload Repository (AWR), and Active Session History (ASH) reports. Typically, events having names starting with Latch Free will be in the top five wait events if an instance is suffering from latch contention. Program-level latch contention can be observed and measured accurately using the SQL Trace facility with the waits parameter set to a value of TRUE. There will always be latch-free waits in any database. Only when the time spent on these waits is a major contributor to slowness do they become a critical problem to be resolved. You need to realize that it is nearly impossible to remove latch-free waits completely. The following subsections give a generic analysis approach that works for all types of latch contention. Later sections of this chapter will look in detail at some of the more common, specific types of contention.
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The <types> element lists all of the data types that are exchanged by the XML messages as input parameters or return types. The <types> element is equivalent to an embedded XSD schema definition file. For design purposes, it is useful to separate out your XSD schema definitions into a separate file. This allows you to reference type information independently of the WSDL document, which is important because it provides a central reference point for validating XML documents against a single source. You can then import the XSD schema file into the WSDL document using a separate <import> root element as follows:
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Rendering from Your Vertices
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void PrintGreeting(String^ name) { Console::WriteLine(greeting + name + punctuator); } }; As you can see, the code uses value struct in place of value class. Throughout this text, whenever I use the term class, I mean class or structure. As in classic C++, one difference between a structure and a class is that structure members are public by default, and class members are private by default. As you know, the main function, also known as the entry point, may take additional arguments that are passed in by the operating system: the number of arguments (traditionally called argc) and an array of the arguments as character arrays (traditionally called argv). This information is also available to C++/CLI programmers, but instead of using the traditional arguments, you use a managed array type. In this case, the array parameter is an array of handles to String, each string representing one of the supplied arguments. The managed array type is one of the many fundamental types defined by the CLR that has special language support in C++/CLI. These CLR analogs of C++ types provide bounds checking, but also are objects in and of themselves, and so provide features called properties (discussed in the next chapter), such as the Length property used in Listing 1-6, and useful methods. The old int parameter of classic C++ s main function, argc, isn t necessary, since the Length property can be used to get the count of command-line arguments. With this array of arguments, you can supply a person s name on the command line and print a greeting customized to that person, as demonstrated in Listing 1-6. Listing 1-6. Using Command-Line Arguments // greeting.cpp using namespace System; value struct Greeting { String^ greeting; Char punctuator; void PrintGreeting(String^ name) { Console::WriteLine(greeting + name + punctuator); } }; int main(array<String^>^ args) { Greeting greet; greet.greeting = "Hi "; greet.punctuator = '!';
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The Domain Name System (DNS) is used to convert between user-friendly host names (such as www.microsoft.com) and IP addresses (such as The System.Net.Dns class provides static methods that let you make queries of the DNS. Listing 21-18 provides a simple demonstration.
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8.2. Security: Enabling Data Connections
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