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Figure 8-4. The COM+ Application Export Wizard This option is only available on server applications, because when you re using DCOM you re relying on DLLHost.exe to act as your host. Remember that a library application is created in the process of the caller. Since you re not using ASP .NET as the host, there is no server-side process within which to create the library application types. DLLHost.exe provides the dedicated process, listening for requests coming in from the network. Managed clients need to access these proxy types via a COM interop assembly, as they are exported as COM libraries. It s hard to believe this performs twice as fast as the fastest Remoting configuration, considering you re introducing two layers of interoperability between managed and unmanaged code: one on the client to go from managed code to the COM proxy, and another on the server to move from the COM-based Component Services call stack to the managed call stack of our Serviced Components. This performance comes at a high price for maintainability. DCOM is notoriously difficult to configure correctly, especially if there are firewalls or complex security requirements in place. We won t be digging into the details here. This technology has been around for a decade, so there are volumes of information and references available for its usage. Hosting in ASP .NET should be considered as a first option if it will meet the performance demands of your environment. The DCOM option should really only be on the table for rich client applications; with a web application, it almost always makes more sense to host COM+ in-process on the web server. Possible exceptions to this would show up in environments with a lot of web servers running a lot of different applications. In these cases, it may be possible, for example, that you want the data access layer isolated on a single server to pool connections to the database. You should still consider ASMX for exposing this data access layer via SOAP before using DCOM. Remoting may even be a better option. It s not as easy to configure as ASMX, but it s still significantly simpler than DCOM. When performance is the primary concern, however, DCOM is still about twice as fast as Remoting for crossing machine boundaries.
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public class NetworkInfo { public static void main(String args[]) throws SocketException { Console console = System.console(); Enumeration<NetworkInterface> nets = NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces(); for (NetworkInterface netint : Collections.list(nets)) { console.printf("Display name: %s%n", netint.getDisplayName()); console.printf("Name: %s%n", netint.getName()); console.printf("Hardware address: %s%n", Arrays.toString(netint.getHardwareAddress())); console.printf("Parent: %s%n", netint.getParent()); console.printf("MTU: %s%n", netint.getMTU()); console.printf("Loopback %s%n", netint.isLoopback()); console.printf("PointToPoint %s%n", netint.isPointToPoint()); console.printf("Up %s%n", netint.isUp()); console.printf("Virtual %s%n", netint.isVirtual()); console.printf("Supports multicast %s%n", netint.isVirtual()); List<InterfaceAddress> addrs = netint.getInterfaceAddresses(); for (InterfaceAddress addr : addrs) { console.printf("InterfaceAddress: %s --- %s%n", addr.getAddress(), addr.getBroadcast()); } console.printf("%n"); } } }
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Follow the steps illustrated in the next section to deploy the application that contains the table storage access web role. The results of a successful deployment are shown in Figure 9-6. Test the application after deployment and you can have the same results as in Exercise 2-2.
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enum class Color { Red, Green, Blue}; enum struct Color { Red, Green, Blue }; for each (R^ r in collection) { /* ... */ } interface class I { /* ... */ }; interface struct I { /* ... */ }; ref class R { /* ... */ }; ref struct S { /* ... */ }; value class V { /* ... */ }; value struct S { /* ... */ };
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Using a Native Object in a Managed Type
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One of your salespeople is named Jan, and her name always appears at the top of the SalesRep items, ahead of the names that precede it alphabetically. You can manually drag her name to the correct position in the row labels, but you d like to know why her name is out of order, and how you can fix the problem. This problem is based on the sample file SalesNames.xlsx.
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CHAPTER 10: Snow Reports for the iPhone
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Creating Custom Start Pages
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assign at back begin capacity clear empty end erase front insert pop_back push_back rbegin rend reserve resize size swap to_array Property front_item back_item Operators !=, <, <=, ==, >, >=, =, []
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The following sections describe features not otherwise covered in this book: how to detect CLR compilation, and XML documentation comments.
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