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Understanding ADO.NET
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// wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } The Random class has a number of methods that you can use to get random numbers in different formats. These methods are described in Table 26-5. Table 26-5. System.Random Methods
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In many ways, a Web Services interface is easier to construct than a Windows Forms or Web Forms interface because there s no need to worry about any issues of display or user interaction. Those are the responsibility of the calling application. All the web service needs to worry about is providing an interface that allows the developer of a consumer application to access the information and functionality provided by this application s business logic and data. In designing a web service, the following four primary issues must be addressed: Whether to use a component-based or service-oriented design How to organize the web methods into classes What data to expose and accept How to handle authentication
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For example, in the following code, each using statement allocates and uses two resources. static void Main() { using (TextWriter tw1 = File.CreateText("Lincoln.txt"), tw2 = File.CreateText("Franklin.txt")) { tw1.WriteLine("Four score and seven years ago, ..."); tw2.WriteLine("Early to bed; Early to rise ..."); } using (TextReader tr1 = File.OpenText("Lincoln.txt"), tr2 = File.OpenText("Franklin.txt")) { string InputString; while (null != (InputString = tr1.ReadLine())) Console.WriteLine(InputString); while (null != (InputString = tr2.ReadLine())) Console.WriteLine(InputString); } } The using statement can also be nested. In the following code, besides the nesting of the using statements, also note that it is not necessary to use a block with the second using statement because it consists of only a single, simple statement. using ( TextWriter tw1 = File.CreateText("Lincoln.txt") ) { tw1.WriteLine("Four score and seven years ago, ..."); using ( TextWriter tw2 = File.CreateText("Franklin.txt") ) // Nested tw2.WriteLine("Early to bed; Early to rise ..."); // Single }
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You can do this by setting the World matrix of the object. A matrix is nothing magical; it is an object that can store any kind of transformation (such as a move, rotate, or scale operation). You can easily create a transformation matrix using one of these basic methods that come with the XNA Framework: Matrix.CreateTranslation Matrix.CreateScale Matrix.CreateRotationX-Y-Z
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The key limitation introduced with Silverlight 3 and Visual Studio 2008 integration is the lack of designer support for Silverlight 3 projects. To define the user interface and preview interactively you have to use Expression Blend 3. However, Visual Studio and Expression Studio tools provide easy
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typically not styled to look like these ASPX forms. They are left pretty plain because they potentially serve double duty by being rendered into the Office 2007 client applications. There is nothing that would stop you from styling them you would just do it strictly in InfoPath.
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Table 5-1. Activities from the Windows Workflow Engine That Are Useful in Office Workflows (Continued)
Data source controls in ASP.NET have two major areas of functionality: runtime and design time. Runtime functionality is the actual data binding implementation it copies data from the data source to the controls and back again. Design time functionality exists to support Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, allowing developers to graphically create web pages using common controls like DataGridView and DetailsView when they are bound to the data source control.
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