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To create development storage, open the Windows Azure SDK command prompt (on the Windows menu under the Windows Azure SDK v1.0 folder) and then enter the following command replacing INSTANCENAME with the name of your SQL Server instance (if you don t want to use an instance just enter a dot to refer to the machine itself): DSInit /sqlinstance:INSTANCENAME After you press return, the DSInit utility will start creating the development storage database (Figure 16-4):
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any resource-constrained devices do not need a complex graphical display. They provide an intuitive user interface with buttons and LEDs or a simple text display. However, there is a growing demand for devices that provide a complex user interface with a detailed graphical display. The .NET Micro Framework provides built-in support for color LCD displays, if your device has one. In this chapter, we will explore how to create graphics and graphical user interfaces with the .NET Micro Framework for presentation on an LCD display. You will first learn how to draw directly onto the display with the Bitmap class, and later in this chapter, you will learn how to create complex graphical user interfaces and interaction using a kind of trimmed Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for the .NET Micro Framework. This part of the chapter presents the various built-in components and describes when and how to use them. For example, you will learn how to build rich list box menus, build text and image displays, respond to user input, and implement custom user interface elements. Since images are embedded as resources into an assembly, you should have read the section about resources in 10. Even if you do not write directly to bitmaps, and program graphical applications using the richer presentation classes, you should be familiar with the bitmap information presented in the first part of this chapter because the presentation classes internally use bitmaps for drawing; they are also helpful in deriving custom controls.
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System.Web.Handlers. WebPartExportHandler
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{ businessObject = ProjectTracker.Library.Admin.Roles.GetRoles(); Session["currentObject"] = businessObject; } return (ProjectTracker.Library.Admin.Roles)businessObject; } The code retrieves the currentObject item from Session. If the result is null, or if the resulting object isn t a Roles object, then a new Roles object is retrieved by calling the Roles.GetRoles() factory method. That newly retrieved object is placed in Session, making it the current object. In any case, a valid Roles object is returned as a result.
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If you calculate a running total with Years as the base field: The subtotals for Years display the running total for each product, from one year to the next. The months display the sales per month, not a running total. To create a running total that continues from December 2008 to January 2009, you can follow these steps to create a field in the source data, and then use it as the base for the running total: 1. Add a column to the source data, with the heading YearMonth. 2. Enter a formula to return the year and month of the date in each row. For example, use this formula if the date is in Column A: =TEXT(A2, "yyyy-mm") 3. Refresh the pivot table, add the YearMonth field to the Row Labels area, and then remove the Date and Year fields. 4. Create a running total with YearMonth as the base field.
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Figure 3-5. Edit process in which objects are removed and ApplyEdit() is called
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Read-only child
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Implement a Custom Username Token Manager
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Until now, you ve been using directional lights to light your scene, which can be useful to add sunlight to your 3D world. Often, you ll also need light coming from a single point, such as from a flashlight or an explosion. Such a light source is called a point light.
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