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Anchored Objects
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Programs and Classes: A Quick Example
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Statspack reports and AWR reports provide a substantial amount of information, typically showing the total and average statistics, and wait events between a beginning time period and an ending time period. Because the statistics are averaged across the time interval, it is important to carefully select the start time and duration of the statistics capture; a capture lasting three days is likely worthless, and a capture lasting 2 minutes might have accuracy issues if most SQL statements do not fully start and complete in the capture period. Statspack reports may be captured at various levels, including 5, 6, 7, and 10. So much information is potentially captured by a Statspack report that it might be difficult to sort through 70+ pages of data in the report to determine whether a performance problem actually exists in the database instance. A full discussion of Statspack report contents might require a full chapter or a complete book. The following commands create a level 7 Statspack capture, wait 10 minutes using DBMS_LOCK.SLEEP, and then collect a second level 7 Statspack capture. For this method to work, the SYS user must grant the PERFSTAT user execute permissions on the DBMS_LOCK package. The use of DBMS_LOCK could cause the PL/SQL lock timer wait event to appear in the top five waits, which could push an otherwise important wait event from that top 5 ranking. SQL> SQL> SQL> SQL> CONNECT PERFSTAT/PerfPassword EXEC STATSPACK.SNAP(i_snap_level=>7) EXEC DBMS_LOCK.SLEEP(600) EXEC STATSPACK.SNAP(i_snap_level=>7)
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Instead of applying the Style to each individual ListBoxItem you could set the ItemContainerStyle property directly on the parent ListBox. I chose to have you do it on each individual ListBoxItem to get familiar with the process.
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To make development and testing relatively easy, this will be a SQL Server 2005 Express database. As you ll see in 8, you write the data access code for each object, so neither CSLA .NET nor your business objects are required to use SQL Server 2005 Express or any other specific database. You can use any data storage technology you choose behind your objects. In most cases, your applications will use production database servers such as SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, Oracle, or DB2, rather than the more limited Express Edition used here. The database will include tables, along with some stored procedures to enable database access from code. Additionally, there will be a second database to contain security information for use by the PTIdentity object.
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Instead of using the recorded code, with its long list of items, you can use the ClearManualFilter method. For example, the following code shows all items, in all visible fields, in all tables on the active sheet. Store the code on a regular module. Sub ClearFilters () Dim pt As PivotTable Dim pf As PivotField Dim ws As Worksheet On Error GoTo err_Handler Set ws = ActiveSheet Application.ScreenUpdating = False Application.DisplayAlerts = False
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namespace BobsMoviesMVC.Support { public class FakeFilmRepository : IFilmRepository { public List<Film> Films = new List<Film>(); #region IFilmRepository Members public bool Add(Film film) { throw new NotImplementedException(); } public Film Create() { throw new NotImplementedException(); } public void Delete(int ID) { throw new NotImplementedException(); } public IEnumerable<Film> GetAll() { return Films; } public Film GetFilm(int FilmID) { return Films.Single(f => f.FilmID == FilmID); } public void Save() { throw new NotImplementedException(); } public bool Update(Film film) { throw new NotImplementedException(); } #endregion } }
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Annotation Processing
For example, the supervisor can t determine that the employee doesn t have enough vacation time and simply stop the workflow. Some step must still be taken to let the employee know the vacation request has been denied. So in the supervisor step, the branching involved would be as follows: if the employee has vacation time then approve, and if the employee doesn t have vacation time, don t approve the request and send it back to the employee. Another type of workflow is sequential. Sequential workflow is a workflow whose steps are performed one right after the other, but might include branching. In this case, sequential refers more to continuous operation, instead of the order in which actions are performed. The traditional concept of sequential in programming is without branching, but when related to workflow, sequential means continuous, instead of without branching. Steps in a Sequential workflow don t wait for an external entity to perform the next step. You can think of the Sequential workflow as close to continuous. There might be some external entity s action required to begin the flow, but once the flow is started, little if any external action is needed. Technology must be applied to a business process. For example, you might have a process that automatically updates a sales order as complete, and sends an e-mail notice to the customer and the sales person when a sales order is shipped. An external entity must start the process by saying that the sales order has shipped, but then some system would mark the sales order as complete, determine the customer s e-mail address, determine the sales person s e-mail address, and then send the e-mail. Once an external entity initiates the flow, the flow continues until an exception is encountered or the flow is completed.
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