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The ImageBrush is a type of TileBrush, which defines its content as an image. Earlier we drew a star using the Path class and filled it with the solid color brush. Instead you can fill up the image by using the image brush as shown in Figure 9-18.
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Example with a Jagged Array
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More About Enums
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Adding Nodes and Manipulating XML
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Most often, when you configure your email account, the server port is set for you. Sometimes there are tweaks that need to be made that are specific to your ISP. If you have been given specific settings from your ISP, you can change the server port to try to alleviate any errors you might be seeing. Follow these steps to change the Server Port settings: 1. 2. 3. 4. Go back to the specific SMTP settings for your account. Touch the tab for the Primary Server, as you did in the Verify Mail Account Settings section. Scroll down to Server Port and touch the screen on the number indicated. This causes a keyboard to pop up, which you can use to input a new port number (the one given you by your ISP). Most often, the number provided by your ISP will be 995, 993, 587, or 110; however, if you re given a different number, just input it. When you are done, touch the SMTP tab in the upper-left corner to return to the previous screen.
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* &,* * * * * * * * * * * int32 int32 int32 int64 int32 int32 int32 int64 int32 int64 o o int32 & int32 int32 int32 int32 int32 int32 int64
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Thread management Memory management Hardware I/O However, the .NET Micro Framework is not a full-featured operating system; it s a bootable runtime environment tailored for embedded development. That s how the .NET Micro Framework can run directly on the hardware without an underlying operating system. However, the .NET Micro Framework can still use an underlying operating system and its services; the extensible emulator running on Windows is an example of that.
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Follow these steps to make sure that your computer is configured correctly in order to secure the sample application using the Kerberos security turnkey assertion: 1. Log on to a Windows domain. You will need to log in to your computer using a domain account. 2. Use IIS instead of the ASP .NET Development Server. If you are using Windows XP and have been running your samples using the ASP .NET Development Server you will need to create a virtual directory in IIS that points to the StockTraderSecure folder. You don t need to make any changes in Visual Studio 2005. You can continue to work using the ASP .NET development server. You will access the Web service via IIS at runtime only. 3. Map a domain account. If you are using Windows XP you will need to use a domain , account to run the ASP .NET process. In order to do this, you need to open the machine.config file and modify the following line: <processModel autoConfig="true" userName="domain\username" password="userpassword" /> You will need to make sure that the username and password attributes match with those of a domain account. By default, the ASP .NET process runs under the local ASPNET account. A local computer account cannot be validated against Active Directory and this would not allow you to implement brokered authentication. If you are using Windows 2003 you don t need to make any changes to the machine.config file. This is because the ASP .NET process runs under a service account that can be validated against Active Directory. 4. Configure the SPN. SPNs can be used to uniquely identify a service. Each SPN is linked to an Active Directory account. When a client requests a Kerberos token using an SPN, Active Directory obtains the information about the associated Windows account, which allows the authentication process to be executed. SPNs can be managed using a utility named setspn.exe. This utility is available on Windows 2003 servers and it can be downloaded from the Microsoft site if you are using Windows 2000 or Windows XP . In the following sample, we are going to create new SPNs and link them to the domain account that you are using to run the ASP .NET process. The syntax to create the new SPNs is the following: Setspn.exe a stocktrader/host1 domain\username Setspn.exe a stocktrader/host1.domain.com domain\username Verify whether the SPNs were added successfully by running the following line: Setspn.exe l domain\username The utility will return the names of the two SPNs that you just added. The result should look like the following: stocktrader/host1.domain.com stocktrader/host1
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PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. Here, we are just emulating a busy period and running the query some 45,000 times, once for each EMPNO. If we run that for the HEAP_ADRESSES and IOT_ADDRESSES tables, TKPROF shows us the following: SELECT EMP.ENAME, A.STREET, A.CITY, A.STATE, A.ZIP FROM EMP, HEAP_ADDRESSES A WHERE EMP.EMPNO = A.EMPNO AND EMP.EMPNO = :B1 call count ------- -----Parse 1 Execute 72073 Fetch 72073 ------- -----total 144147 cpu elapsed disk query current -------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------0.00 0.00 0 0 0 11.53 11.79 0 0 0 6.55 6.58 3641 722160 0 -------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------18.09 18.38 3641 722160 0 rows ---------0 0 288292 ---------288292
Figure 15 2. Available contact fields.
Figure 8-8. The conditional operator versus if...else For example, the following code uses the conditional operator three times once in each of the WriteLine statements. In the first instance, it returns either the value of x or the value of y. In the second two instances, it returns either the empty string or the string not. int x = 10, y = 9; int HighVal = (x > y) x : y; Console.WriteLine("HighVal:
Restricting Access Based On User Identity
What Is an Attribute Applying an Attribute Using Custom Attributes Accessing an Attribute Using Reserved Attributes
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