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Service Interface #2 Web Service 2
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The event-related and property-related metadata tables are Event, EventMap, Property, PropertyMap, Method, MethodSemantics, TypeDef, TypeRef, TypeSpec, and Constant. Earlier chapters have discussed the validity rules for Method, TypeDef, TypeRef, TypeSpec, and Constant tables. The records of the remaining tables have the following entries: The Event table: EventFlags, Name, and EventType The EventMap table: Parent and EventList The Property table: PropFlags, Name, and Type The PropertyMap table: Parent and PropertyList The MethodSemantics table: Semantic, Method, and Association
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Dynamic Member Access
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For example, the following class declares a method called PrintDateAndTime, which is called from inside method Main: class MyClass { void PrintDateAndTime( ) { DateTime dt = DateTime.Now; Console.WriteLine("{0}", dt); }
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s Typically, a snapshot of a business object s fields is taken before the user or an application is allowed Tip to interact with the object. That way, you can always undo back to that original state. The BusinessBase and BusinessListBase classes will include a BeginEdit() method that will trigger the snapshot process, a CancelEdit() method to restore the object s state to the last snapshot, and an ApplyEdit() method to commit any changes since the last snapshot.
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3.6. Using Custom Calculations: Running Total
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Responding to Changed Data
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The important thing to remember is that all business classes must use Serializable or DataContract to work with CSLA .NET. Throughout the rest of the book I assume the use of the Serializable attribute.
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Case Else ' ignore End Select End If End Sub The Visibility property is set back to Visible if the user is authorized to read the value.
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