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Pass the 3D position and normal of each vertex to your effect on the graphics card. The vertex shader on your graphics card needs to do two things for each vertex. First, as always when rendering a 3D world, it should transform the 3D position of each vertex to the corresponding 2D screen coordinate by using the World, View, and Projection matrices. Second, and specific to vertex lighting, for each vertex it should calculate the amount of lighting the vertex receives by taking the dot product between the light direction and the normal of that vertex.
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EDMs are stored as XML and are composed of three main sections (which link to the three conceptual layers already described): CSDL (Conceptual Schema Definition Language) SSDL (Store Schema Definition Language) MSL (Mapping Specification Language)
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Starting the Orchestration
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When a new Resource object is created and saved, its data needs to be inserted into the Resources table: CREATE PROCEDURE addResource ( @lastName varchar(50), @firstName varchar(50), @newId int output, @newLastChanged timestamp output ) AS INSERT INTO Resources (LastName,FirstName) VALUES (@lastName,@firstName) SELECT @newId = Id, @newLastChanged = LastChanged FROM Resources WHERE Id=SCOPE_IDENTITY() RETURN
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Now that you have a grasp of the areas of functionality required to implement the data portal concept, let s discuss the specific data behaviors the data portal will support. The behaviors were listed earlier in Table 2-5.
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Use the base keyword. Apply an access modifier. Implement a copy constructor.
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The return instruction ret returns from a called method to the call site (immediately after the call site, to be precise). It has no parameters. If the called method should return a value of a certain type, exactly one value of the required type must be on the evaluation stack at the moment of return. The ret instruction causes this value to be removed from the evaluation stack of the called method and put on the evaluation stack of the calling method. If the called method returns void, its evaluation stack must be empty at the moment of return. ret (0x2A). Return from a method.
One difference between the Java 5 version created and the Java 6 implementation provided is that the CookieStore cache deals with the expiration of cookies. This shouldn t be the responsibility of the handler (CookieManager). All the handler needs to do is tell the cache to store something. The fact that other cookies have expired shouldn t matter to the handler. Another difference is the CookiePolicy interface (not yet shown). You can define a custom policy for dealing with cookies or tell the CookieManager to use one of the predefined ones. The interface consists of a single method:
If the attribute has not been applied or if it has been applied but the constructor argument is set to false, then the base class implementation of the ToString method is used. We don t have to apply the attribute to the Car class, even though this is the class that knows the meaning of it. We can as easily apply it to a class derived from Car and get the desired result. Here is an example of a derived class that has been modified with the DetailLevel attribute: [DetailLevel(true)] class VolvoCar : Car { public VolvoCar(string model, string color) : base("Volvo", model, color) { // do nothing } } This class implements only a constructor. Note that it cannot override the base implementation of the ToString method. This is because I have modified the base implementation with the sealed keyword, which is described in 6. If the VolvoCar class were able to implement a new version of ToString, then we could end up with a base class that understands the meaning of the DetailLevel attribute and a derived class that ignores it. The following statements create an instance of the VolvoCar object and writes out a string representation of it: using System; class CustomAttributeTest { static void Main(string[] args) { VolvoCar myCar = new VolvoCar("C30", "Black"); Console.WriteLine("Car: {0}", myCar); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } The output from these statements is as follows: Car: Manufacturer: Volvo, Model: C30, Color: Black Press enter to finish If I remove the attribute from the VolvoCar class and rerun the previous statements, I get the following results: Car: VolvoCar Press enter to finish
Adding ChildWindow as an Image Viewer
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