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Yes! As long as you are syncing to the same computer, you can sync several Apple devices (Apple says up to five, but we ve heard of people syncing more) to the same iTunes account on a single computer. CAUTION: You can t sync the same iPod touch, iPad, or iPod to two different computers. If you attempt to do this, you ll see a message like: Would you like to wipe this device (iPod touch, iPad, iPhone) and resync the new library If you answer Yes, any music and videos on the device will be erased. However, you can stream music from the iPod touch (or any iOS device) even if it s not in manually manage music mode. Just plug it in, navigate to its music contents and play.
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The classic approach is to put all logic into the database as the single, central repository. The presentation and UI then allow the user to enter absolutely anything (because any validation would be redundant), and the Business Logic layer now resides inside the database. The Data Access layer does nothing but move the data into and out of the database, as shown in Figure 1-10.
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As shown in Listing 2-7, running the program generates lots of output due to the printf() statements. Each time an element is fetched from the source map, removed from the source map, offered to the deque, or removed from the deque, an output line is generated. Notice how the act of offering happens multiple times while the deque is full.
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If you re calling a remote data portal, you must avoid object designs that require IDisposable. Alternatively, you can modify the SimpleDataPortal class to explicitly call Dispose() on your business objects on the server.
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An Array As an Object
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TimeOfInstantiation. The DateTime class is from the BCL, and Now is a static property of the DateTime class. The Now property creates a new instance of the DateTime class, initializes it with the current date and time from the system clock, and returns a reference to the new DateTime instance.
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Figure 5-5. Using a return statement with a void return type
// You need this namespace.
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