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Figure 8-16. A slide show with three control buttons using the SlideShow extender
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Component Services provides a hosting environment and configuration registry for exposing software assets as services. Originally called Microsoft Transaction Server, these services were designed to be exposed in an RPC manner via DCOM. Over time, it became as common (if not more common) to leverage configured components from Internet Information Server (IIS). This was the standard architecture for ASP-based applications. Creating COM types and hosting them as configured services in COM+ provided many benefits, including compiled code (as opposed to interpreted script) and a type system (as opposed to one type: the VBScript Variant). Figure 7-1 shows the original common architectures. Many powerful features of Component Services worth leveraging from managed code still exist. Support for running managed code within the COM environment of COM+ is accomplished via highly specialized interoperability code that has been added to the Component Services infrastructure. Because of this, not just any .NET type can be configured and hosted in this environment. Not only do you need to make special considerations for the design of these types, but the types must also inherit from a special base class and adhere to special run-time behaviors.
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A constructed class type is used just like a regular type in creating references and instances. For example, the following code shows the creation of two class objects. The first line shows the creation of an object from a regular, nongeneric class. This is a form that you should be completely familiar with by now. The second line of code shows the creation of an object from generic class SomeClass, instantiated with types short and int. The form is exactly analogous to the line above it, with the constructed class forms in place of a regular class name. The third line is the same semantically as the second line, but rather than listing the constructed type on both sides of the equals sign, it uses the var keyword to make the compiler use type inference. barcode proje
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concurrency issues. It is my firm belief that autonomous transactions are a feature that Oracle should not have exposed to developers for the simple reason that most developers do not know when and how to use them properly. The improper use of an autonomous transaction can and will lead to logical data-integrity corruption issues. Beyond using them as a demonstration tool, autonomous transactions have exactly one other use as an error-logging mechanism. If you wish to log an error in an exception block, you need to log that error into a table and commit it without committing anything else. That would be a valid use of an autonomous transaction. If you find yourself using an autonomous transaction outside the scope of logging an error or demonstrating a concept, you are almost surely doing something very wrong.
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Finally, when the user logs into or out of the application, MainForm needs to notify all active user controls of that change. This is required so that the UI code in each user control can perform any authorization activities based on the new user identity. As you ll see shortly, MainForm loops through all active user controls when the user logs in or out, calling an OnCurrentPrincipalChanged() method on each user control. This method is implemented in WinPart:
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and click OK.
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Preconditions must be true at the start of a method.
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Business process management. Business process automation. In most cases, these terms are just fancy names for a workflow. Somewhere, someone decided that workflow just didn t sound impressive enough, so they coined a new set of terms. When you break it all down to its core, though, it s just workflow.
Label Form of EH Clause Declaration
Make sure to choose the application proxy option, as shown in Figure 12-9, and provide a path and name for the msi file to be created. The result will be both msi and cab files that you can use to set up clients to use the server.
Properly designed objects encapsulate both behavior or logic and the data required by that logic.
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