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Collection base classes don t implement Add() or Remove() methods directly because those are implemented by Collection(Of T), which is the base class for BindingList(Of T). However, they do need to perform certain operations any time that an insert or remove operation occurs. To accommodate this, BindingList(Of T) invokes certain Overridable methods when these events occur. These methods can be overridden to respond to the events. Child objects also must have the ability to remove themselves from the collection. Remember the implementation of System.ComponentModel.IEditableObject in Csla.Core.BusinessBase that code included a parent reference to the collection object and code to call a RemoveChild() method. This RemoveChild() method is part of the IEditableCollection interface implemented by BusinessListBase. The important thing to realize is that BusinessListBase does extra processing in addition to the default behavior of the BindingList base class: It moves deleted items to and from a DeletedList so items can be undeleted. It completely removes deleted items that are new (and thus not undeleted in an undo operation). It maintains any LINQ to CSLA indexes (as discussed in 14). It ensures that newly added child objects have an edit level corresponding to the collection s edit level. To do this, the methods listed in Table 13-3 are implemented.
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Obviously, there is much more to the world of orchestrations. In this very limited example, you ve been exposed to a few shapes, expressions, and the creation of virtual ports within the Orchestration Designer. In the next chapter, you ll build upon this foundational lesson as we delve deeper into a few of the more advanced orchestration topics.
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protected override void UndoChangesComplete() { _bindingEdit = false; ValidationRules.SetTarget(this); AddBusinessRules(); OnUnknownPropertyChanged(); base.UndoChangesComplete(); } public void ApplyEdit() { _bindingEdit = false; _neverCommitted = false; AcceptChanges(); } The primary action in each method is to delegate to the corresponding method in UndoableBase. The _bindingEdit and _neverCommitted fields are used by the implementation of IEditableObject. Notice the overridden UndoChangesComplete() method. This is required because there are actions that must be taken any time the object s state has been restored. While it may seem that these actions could be taken in the CancelEdit() method, remember that a business object s state can also be restored by its parent object through UndoableBase without ever calling CancelEdit() on the child object. Overriding UndoChangesComplete() means that these lines of code will run after either CancelEdit() is called directly on this object, or on its parent object. The code in UndoChangesComplete() sets the _bindingEdit flag, reestablishes the object s validation rules, and raises the PropertyChanged event for all properties on the object thus ensuring that data binding is aware that the object s state has changed. The ValidationRules class will be implemented later in the chapter, but it manages a list of business rules for each property. It also maintains a list of currently broken business rules. The list of broken business rules is part of the object s state and is subject to n-level undo. The list of rules associated with each property is really a list of delegate references, which can be broken by serialization. To prevent any such issues, that list isn t subject to serialization or n-level undo. Instead, after resetting the object s state with UndoChanges(), the business rules are simply reassociated with the properties by calling the AddBusinessRules() method. The SetTarget() method is also called to ensure that ValidationRules has a current reference to the business object. This will be much clearer later in the chapter as you look at the ValidationRules and BrokenRulesCollection classes.
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primary task of every .NET programming language is to map source files to assemblies with custom managed type definitions. This chapter discusses the C++/CLI language features to define custom managed types. If you compare the CTS of .NET with the C++ type system, you will find many similarities, but also a bunch of differences. Some features of the C++ type system are not supported by the CTS. These features include multiple inheritance, protected and private inheritance, const member functions, friends, and unions. At the end of the day, it is not very important whether you miss these features or not; as a programmer, you have to use the available features to solve your task. On the other hand, there are CTS features that are not supported by the C++ type system. These features include new kinds of types, new type members, and refinements of existing constructs. Figure 5-1 shows a schema for managed type definitions. The keywords class and struct have been extended with a prefix that describes the kind of managed type that is to be defined. A ref class is used to define a custom managed reference type. Managed interfaces are defined with the keyword interface class. The prefix value is used to define custom value types and an enum class defines a managed enumerator type.
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cn.Open(); gvAuthors.DataSource = cm.ExecuteReader(); gvAuthors.DataBind(); cn.Close(); } This method bears about 110 requests per second. This improvement isn t much, and you may expect more because you ve moved away from dynamically generated SQL and are using stored procedures. However, the statements are not that complex, and the lion s share of the work is the actual sorting of the data. With this in mind, an improvement this size is almost surprising. This method is not very maintainable. Each of these stored procedures now has to be maintained. In a real application, the logic retrieving the data is going to be more complex than select * from a table. Any change to this logic will have to be propagated across all of these stored procedures. This is probably just not a reasonable, realistic solution. The real way to help this situation is to index all of the columns you re sorting by. Here, though, you re allowing the user to sort by all of the columns, and this many indexes is probably not a reasonable option. This is something to consider when designing an interface that enables users to pick what they sort by. It may be better to pick a subset of the columns that are most common to sort by and add indexes to those. The best thing to increase the performance of this page is going to be to cache the data in the memory of the web server, instead of going back to the database for it on each request. You already know that a data reader cannot be sorted, and you ve examined several strategies for doing the sorting at the database. Take a look at what happens when you move the data to the client. First, you ll pull that data access out into a helper method, centralizing the command and caching logic (see SortIE.aspx in Web10). private DataSet GetAuthors() { DataSet ds; ds = (DataSet)Cache["AuthorData"]; if (ds == null) { ds = new DataSet(); SqlConnection cn = new SqlConnection ("server=.;database=pubs;uid=sa;pwd=123123"); SqlCommand cm = new SqlCommand("select * from authors", cn); new SqlDataAdapter(cm).Fill(ds); Cache.Insert("AuthorData", ds); } return ds; }
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FruitColor.None: namespace OOP { public abstract class Fruit : OOP.IColor { private bool _IsEdible = true; public bool IsEdible { get { return _IsEdible; } } private FruitColor _MyFruitColor = FruitColor.None; public enum FruitColor { None, Green, Red, Yellow }
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// add the end point with the HTTP binding myServiceHost.AddServiceEndpoint(typeof(ICalculatorServer), new WSHttpBinding(), "CalculatorServer"); // add support for getting the meta-data via HTTP ServiceMetadataBehavior smb = new ServiceMetadataBehavior(); smb.HttpGetEnabled = true; myServiceHost.Description.Behaviors.Add(smb); // start receiving requests from clients myServiceHost.Open(); Console.WriteLine("Calculator Server ready"); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } The first step is to create and configure a ServiceHost object; this will take care of publishing your methods. The two parameters for the ServiceHost constructor are the type of the class that implements the service contract and a Uri object. The Uri object specifies the port that will be used to listen for client events and a prefix that will be put in front of each service name; the prefix is useful when you want to run related services together. The port for this example is 13000, which is the same port you enabled using the netsh command at the start of this section. Here are the relevant statements from Listing 2110: Uri serviceAddress = new Uri("http://localhost:13000/WCF"); ServiceHost myServiceHost = new ServiceHost(typeof(CalculatorImpl), serviceAddress); You need to tell the ServiceHost that your CalculatorImpl class is an implementation of the service contract defined by the ICalculatorServer interface. There are a lot of options available for doing this. Here is the statement from Listing 21-10 that creates the association between the class and the contract: myServiceHost.AddServiceEndpoint(typeof(ICalculatorServer), new WSHttpBinding(), "CalculatorServer"); Clients of your service need to be able to get information about the methods your service publishes; in this case, the methods in the ICalculatorServer interface. Here are the statements from Listing 21-10 that enable this feature: ServiceMetadataBehavior smb = new ServiceMetadataBehavior(); smb.HttpGetEnabled = true; myServiceHost.Description.Behaviors.Add(smb); The key part here is setting the HttpGetEnabled property of the ServiceMetadataBehavior object to true. This allows clients to get the information about your service from the service itself. You ll use this to create the client in a moment. The very last thing you need to do is call the Open method on the ServiceHost object. Once you have done this, the server will start to listen for client requests on the port that you specified.
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Our query begins. Another session UPDATEs block 1,000,000. Undo information for this is recorded into some undo segment. This UPDATE session COMMITs. The undo data it generated is still there, but is now subject to being overwritten if we need the space. Our query is still chugging along. It is at block 200,000. Lots of activity going on. We have generated a little over 14MB of undo by now. Our query is still going strong. We are at block 600,000 or so by now. Our undo segments start to wrap around and reuse the space that was active when our query began at time 0:00. Specifically, we have just reused the undo segment space that the UPDATE to block 1,000,000 used back at time 0:01. Our query finally gets to block 1,000,000. It finds it has been modified since the query began. It goes to the undo segment and attempts to find the undo for that block to get a consistent read on it. At this point, it discovers the information it needs no longer exists. ORA-01555 is raised and the query fails.
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