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For a time period one-quarter as long as the previous period, there are 4.23 times as many waits on the enq: TX - row lock contention wait event, 4.18 times as many time-outs, and the total duration of the wait event is 4.1 times as long. The average wait time and number of waits for the other events are not too significant, although the log file sync wait shows 47 commits or rollbacks in the 1-minute time period. (This might not be important, but it might suggest that either there was not a lot of activity in the system, or very long pauses appeared between commits.) Combining the calculated delta values from V$SESSION_EVENT and joining with V$SESSION, the sessions contributing to the systemwide wait events previously listed may be determined. You can generate a result such as the following list. (Note that creating this output will require a logging table similar to that found in the script MonitoringWaitsExtColl.sql.) SID --285 323 222 164 260 187 184 298 299 USER ----user1 user2 user2 user3 user2 user2 user1 dbsnmp dbsnmp PROGRAM -------------receiveqs.exe bclabr.exe bclabr.exe rcvent.exe bclabr.exe bclabr.exe hyperextend.exe emagent.exe emagent.exe EVENT ----------------------------enq: TX - row lock contention enq: TX - row lock contention enq: TX - row lock contention enq: TX - row lock contention enq: TX - row lock contention log file sync control file sequential read control file sequential read log file sync WAITS SECONDS ----- ------24 68.09 12 32.66 8 23.99 8 19.77 3 6.02 7 0.17 1,210 0.13 85 0.06 3 0.05 AVERAGE -------2.837083 2.721667 2.998750 2.471250 2.006667 0.024286 0.000107 0.000706 0.016667
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Raising PropertyChanged in BusinessBase
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// The remove method takes the key as an argument. dict->Remove("hat"); // Use the KeyValuePair generic class when using the // for each statement. for each (KeyValuePair<String^, String^>^ pair in dict) { Console::WriteLine(" {0}: {1}", pair->Key, pair->Value); } } The output of Listing 11-22 is as follows: hat: hot: hit: hot: hit: head adornment at a high temperature to strike at a high temperature to strike
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The event keyword declares an event type in a class that will publish notifications.
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To see where the trace files will go, you can issue the show parameter dump_dest command from SQL*Plus, query the V$PARAMETER view, use the routine we created above (SCOTT.GET_PARAM), or query the new V$DIAG_INFO view. We ll demonstrate each in turn below. ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> show parameter dump_dest NAME TYPE VALUE ------------------------------------ ----------- -----------------------------background_dump_dest string /home/ora11gr2/app/ora11gr2/di ag/rdbms/orcl/ora11gr2/trace core_dump_dest string /home/ora11gr2/app/ora11gr2/di ag/rdbms/orcl/ora11gr2/cdump user_dump_dest string /home/ora11gr2/app/ora11gr2/di ag/rdbms/orcl/ora11gr2/trace
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Managed Backing Fields with Type Conversion
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Use UsernameToken Nonce Values for Message Verification
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Figure 4-18. Shark s analysis of the MoveParticleGroups function
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public class DndTree { public static void main(String args[]) { Runnable runner = new Runnable() { public void run() { JFrame f = new JFrame("D-n-D JTree"); f.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE); JPanel top = new JPanel(new BorderLayout()); JLabel dragLabel = new JLabel("Drag me:"); JTextField text = new JTextField(); text.setDragEnabled(true); top.add(dragLabel, BorderLayout.WEST); top.add(text, BorderLayout.CENTER); f.add(top, BorderLayout.NORTH); final JTree tree = new JTree(); final DefaultTreeModel model = (DefaultTreeModel)tree.getModel(); tree.setTransferHandler(new TransferHandler() { /** * Returns true if flavor of data is string, operation is * a drop operation, and path is non-null. */ public boolean canImport(TransferHandler.TransferSupport support) { if (!support.isDataFlavorSupported(DataFlavor.stringFlavor) || !support.isDrop()) { return false; } JTree.DropLocation dropLocation = (JTree.DropLocation)support.getDropLocation(); return dropLocation.getPath() != null; } /** * Performs actual import operation. Returns true on success * and false otherwise. */ public boolean importData(TransferHandler.TransferSupport support) { if (!canImport(support)) { return false; }
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Many developers may be unfamiliar with EF as it was released in between VS2008 and VS2010, or others may have heard bad things about it (not all of which are true). Let s take a quick look at how to work with EF before looking at the new features in EF4.
// Parameter // Field
4 4 COM+ 1 1 1
The OperationalStatus enumeration defines values for different status conditions. The most useful for this example are Up and Down, which we can use to determine the overall state of each interface. Compiling and running Listing 26-16 produces the following output, which reports on the overall connectivity and prints out a list of the active interfaces on my computer: Name: Name: Name: Name: Name: Press StrongVPN, Type: Ppp, Avalable: Up Local Area Connection, Type: Ethernet, Avalable: Up Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1, Type: Loopback, Avalable: Up Local Area Connection* 9, Type: Tunnel, Avalable: Up 6TO4 Adapter, Type: Tunnel, Avalable: Up enter to finish
Figure 1-15. Passing a DataSet between the Business Logic and Data Access layers
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