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SketchFlow Feedback, as I am doing in Figure 16-
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Setting a More Complex Password
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At the end of the method, both f2 and the field of object f1 have been incremented by 5. After method execution, the formal parameters are popped off the stack. The value of a2, the value type, is unaffected by the activity in the method. The value of a1, the reference type, however, has been changed by the activity in the method.
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Event Table
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The LTM is a very fast, very inexpensive resource manager for transactions occurring in a single application domain. It s the starting point of all transactions in the Framework, and it monitors the resources being touched by a transaction and enlists the services of more robust resource managers on an as-needed basis. When the transactional work goes out-of-process (i.e., you start modifying database data), the LTM will automatically use a resource manager that supports the Promotable Single Phase Enlistment (PSPE) model of transaction management. This is a new transactional infrastructure that knows and understands the pay as you go mechanism of the LTM. If there is no PSPE manager available, the LTM enlists the DTC. And then, of course, the DTC is enlisted any time multiple remote data sources are modified. When the PSPE model can do the job, then your transactions will perform as well as an ADO.NET Transaction would in version 1.x. Why use the PSPE model if you get the same performance as you would with ADO.NET transactions It s used so that the transaction is automatically promoted to the DTC when more than one database is touched. In version 2.0 of the .NET Framework, you will automatically get a PSPE transaction when working with SQL Server 2005. If the transactional work touches another server or another database, it automatically uses the DTC. Volatile transactions automatically participate in the PSPE without invoking the DTC.
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// ensure that we have values that are greater than zero if (minutesCompleted <= 0 || lapsCompleted <= 0 || lapLength <= 0 || caloriesPerHour <= 0) { // we cannot proceed - we have one or more bad values return; } // perform the calculations we need for the results float distance = (lapsCompleted * lapLength) * 0.00062137119223733f; float caloriesBurned = (minutesCompleted / 60f) * caloriesPerHour; float pace = (minutesCompleted * 60) / lapsCompleted; StringBuilder resultBuilder = new StringBuilder(); resultBuilder.AppendFormat("Distance completed: {0:F2} miles\n", distance); resultBuilder.AppendFormat("Calories burned: {0:F0} calories\n", caloriesBurned); resultBuilder.AppendFormat("Average pace: {0:F0} seconds/lap", pace); // compose and set the results resultsTextBlock.Text = resultBuilder.ToString(); } } }
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So far we have illustrated the simplified transaction model for updates of either a single database or many databases, which when you re using SQL Server 2005 will leverage either a lightweight transaction or the DTC. Support also exists for creating your own transacted types, which can affect memory, the file system, or any other resource you need to manage in your application. Creating your own transacted type involves implementing, at a minimum, the IEnlistmentNotification interface. Consider the follow example. Here you move orders from an XML file into the same database you used in the previous example. (See XActedDomTest.aspx in the Web12 project.) private void WOATx() { XmlDocument dom = new XmlDocument(); dom.Load(Server.MapPath("Orders.xml")); XmlNode orderElem; XmlNode ordersElem = dom.SelectSingleNode("//Orders"); int orderCount = ordersElem.ChildNodes.Count; for (int i = orderCount - 1; i >= 0; i--) { orderElem = ordersElem.ChildNodes[i]; orderElem.ParentNode.RemoveChild(orderElem); AddOrder(orderElem); } dom.Save(Server.MapPath("UnprocessedOrders.xml")); } The AddOrder method leverages the methods from the previous example to create the order in the database. In this case, instead of using the hash table like the previous example, it s using the data read from the XML document. (See XActedDomTest.aspx in the Web12 project.) private bool AddOrder(XmlNode orderElem) { DateTime orderDate = Convert.ToDateTime(orderElem.Attributes["OrderDate"].Value); int customerId = Convert.ToInt32(orderElem.Attributes["CustomerID"].Value); XAction dal = new XAction(); int orderID = XAction.GetNextOrderID(); dal.AddOrder(orderID, customerId, orderDate); bool bSuccess = true;
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You can terminate a for loop before the condition evaluates to false by using the break keyword, like this: for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++) { Console.WriteLine("Iteration for value: {0}", i); if (i == 5) { break; } } The condition in this loop will evaluate to true until the value of the local variable i reaches 100. However, the if statement in the loop body will execute the break statement when the value of the variable is equal to 5. Here is the output from the loop:
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Like reference parameters, the formal parameters act as aliases for the actual parameters. Both the formal parameter and the actual parameter are names for the same memory location. Clearly, any changes made to a formal parameter in the method will be visible through the actual parameter variable after the method. Unlike reference parameters, output parameters require the following: Before the method call, you do not have to initialize or assign values to the actual parameter variables. The initial values of the actual parameters are irrelevant. Inside the method, an output parameter must be assigned to, before it can be read from. Every output parameter must be assigned to, before the method exits. barcode 39 function
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An actual parameter for a value parameter doesn t have to be a variable. It can be any expression evaluating to the matching data type. For example, the following code shows two method calls. In the first, the actual parameter is a variable of type float. In the second, it s an expression that evaluates to float. float func1( float val ) { Float data type float j = 2.6F; float k = 5.1F; Variable of type float float fValue1 = func1( k ); float fValue2 = func1( (k + j) / 3 ); ... Expression that evaluates to a float // Declare the method.
Shared pool latch contention is usually resolved by determining the reasons shared pool latches are being held for a longer period. The following sections provide an overview of common solutions.
Get film with ID 3 Select Film where FilmID is equal to 3 Get FilmName field from first FilmShowing Get film showings for first film Display orders by order date Order list of films in descending order Select top two orders Skip first orders and select next two
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