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7. If you look closely at the parameters, you may notice a problem. When the concatenation takes place, the output will literally be strung together. So concatenating Joe and Smith will output as JoeSmith. You need to add a space character to the mix, and you do that by adding another parameter in the Configure Functoid Inputs dialog box. At the top of the Configure Functoid Inputs dialog box, click the button with an ellipsis (its tooltip says Insert new parameter ). An empty row is added to the list of parameters. 8. Add the space character as the value, as shown in Figure 7-22. You may need to doubleclick the icon to the left before you can enter a value in the text box. Then click OK.
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The permission tab is the place where permissions like Webcam/Mic, Clipboard accesses, etc. are displayed, which can be changed or deleted. The final tab, shown in Figure 17-7, is Application Storage.
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ModuleRef Metadata Table and Declaration
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Determines whether to use an ellipsis as the last numeric button. When true the last numeric page button is replaced with an ellipsis for any DisplayMode that shows numeric page buttons. The default value is false. Determines if the user can move (set to true) to another page or not (set to false). The default value is false. Note that this property cannot be set by the user it is modified when a Source is specified.
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virtual property int Prop { int get() override { return prop; } void set(int value) override { prop = value; } } }; The virtual keyword may also be applied to the individual get and set methods rather than to the property, as in Listing 8-12. This might be useful if you are only overriding one of the accessors, or if you need to make one nonvirtual and one virtual. Listing 8-12. Using Virtual Accessors // virtual_properties2.cpp using namespace System; using namespace System::Collections::Generic; value class Isotope { public: property unsigned int IsotopeNumber; property unsigned int AtomicNumber; property double Mass; }; ref class Element { double atomicWeight; public: property unsigned int AtomicNumber; property String^ Name; property String^ Symbol; property double AtomicWeight { virtual double get() { return atomicWeight; } void set(double a) { atomicWeight = a; } } Element(String^ name, String^ symbol, double a, double n)
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