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the MouseLeave State, so that your Properties panel looks like what I have in Figure 6-81.
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Page Object Internals
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// =============== CLASS MEMBERS DECLARATION =================== .class private auto ansi beforefieldinit RefType extends [mscorlib]System.Object { .field private string classname .method public hidebysig specialname rtspecialname instance void .ctor() cil managed { // Code size 18 (0x12) .maxstack 2 IL_0000: ldarg.0 IL_0001: call instance void [mscorlib]System.Object::.ctor() IL_0006: ldarg.0 IL_0007: ldstr "MyRefType"
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bw->Write(t->AssemblyQualifiedName); array<FieldInfo^>^ fields = t->GetFields(); for each (FieldInfo^ fi in fields) { if (fi->FieldType == int::typeid) bw->Write((int)fi->GetValue(o)); else if (fi->FieldType == String::typeid) bw->Write((String^)fi->GetValue(o)); else // for simplicity, other types are not supported here throw gcnew NotSupportedException(); } } finally { bw->Close(); } } Object^ Deserialize(Stream^ strm) { if (!strm) throw gcnew ArgumentNullException("strm"); Object^ o; BinaryReader^ br = gcnew BinaryReader(strm); try { String^ type = br->ReadString(); Type^ t = Type::GetType(type); o = Activator::CreateInstance(t); array<FieldInfo^>^ fields = t->GetFields(); for each (FieldInfo^ fi in fields) { if (fi->FieldType == int::typeid) fi->SetValue(o, br->ReadInt32()); else if (fi->FieldType == String::typeid) fi->SetValue(o, br->ReadString()); else // for simplicity, other types are not supported here throw gcnew NotSupportedException(); } } finally {
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name: This is the user-friendly name ( Joe Bloggs iPod, for example) under which the
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However, the updateProject stored procedure requires one extra parameter not required by addProject: the timestamp value for the LastChanged column: cm.Parameters.AddWithValue("@lastChanged", mTimestamp) This is required for the first-write-wins optimistic concurrency implemented by the stored procedure. The goal is to ensure that multiple users can t overwrite each other s changes to the data. Other than adding this one extra parameter to the SqlCommand object, the DataPortal_Update() method is very similar to DataPortal_Insert().
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Note For a list of all application blocks and links for downloading, see
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Speaking as a person who has been involved in many benchmarks, the benefits of this seem obvious. When running benchmarks, people frequently ask to run as many users as possible until the system breaks. One of the outputs of these benchmarks is always a chart that shows the number of concurrent users versus the number of transactions (see Figure 5-3).
When working with dynamic types and the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) there are three considerations you should bear in mind. IDE support is limited Generally, performance is poor (although precompilation is sometimes possible), especially on the first call to a method where the DLR has not yet cached a method call. Using the DLR unnecessarily is not big or clever (more complexity = bad).
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