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Passing Native-Managed Boundaries with Function Pointers
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An XML processing instruction is used to supply additional data about how an XML document should be used or interpreted. Most commonly, processing instructions are used to associate a style sheet with the XML document. You can include a processing instruction using the XProcessingInstruction constructor, which takes two string parameters a target and a data string. If the processing instruction takes multiple data parameters, those parameters must be included in the second parameter string of the XProcessingInstruction constructor, as shown in the following constructor code. Notice that in this example, the second parameter is a verbatim string, and literal double quotes inside the string are represented by sets of two contiguous double quote marks. new XProcessingInstruction( "xml-stylesheet", @"href=""stories"", type=""text/css""")
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namespace StackPanelSample { public class Program : Microsoft.SPOT.Application { public static void Main() { Program myApplication = new Program(); Window mainWindow = myApplication.CreateWindow(); // Start the application myApplication.Run(mainWindow); } private Window mainWindow; public Window CreateWindow() { // Create a window object and set its size to the // size of the display. mainWindow = new Window(); mainWindow.Height = SystemMetrics.ScreenHeight; mainWindow.Width = SystemMetrics.ScreenWidth;
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{0}", s);
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msvcr80.dll or msvcm80.dll,
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of the object. This is because in such a scenario, assigning the state is rare, and most locks will be reader locks.
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Adds and edits a valid project Maintains a list of resources assigned to a project Manages assignment of a resource to a project Adds and edits a valid resource Maintains a list of projects to which a resource is assigned Manages a project to which a resource is assigned Manages association of a project and a resource Gets a read-only list of projects Provides read-only information for a project Gets a read-only list of resources
Figure 4-7. A TextBlock and Ellipse in a Canvas in your main Grid.
11 rows selected. We find that P is now missing from the view. Our parse lock has been broken. This view is useful to you, as a developer, when it is found that some piece of code won t compile in the test or development system it hangs and eventually times out. This indicates that someone else is using it (actually running it), and you can use this view to see who that might be. The same will happen with GRANTS and other types of DDL against the object. You cannot grant EXECUTE on a procedure that is running, for example. You can use the same method to discover the potential blockers and waiters.
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