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Properties are very flexible and need not be used just to mediate access to fields. They can also be used to access values that are computed on the fly. Listing 8-6 contains an example. Listing 8-6. Using a Computed Property class Product { public int ItemsInStock { get; set; } public double PricePerItem { get; set; } public double TotalValueOfStock { get { return ItemsInStock * PricePerItem; } } } In this listing, there are two automatically implemented properties, ItemsInStock and PricePerItem, and a read-only computed property called TotalValueOfStock, which uses the other two properties to return a result. When the get accessor for this property is used, the values of the other two properties are multiplied together. There is no field backing this property. The result is generated dynamically each time the get accessor is used. Using a computed property blurs the distinction between a method and property; where you draw the line is a matter of personal style. I tend to use computed properties only if
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Object Construction
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C# provides the flow-of-control constructs common to modern programming languages. Conditional execution executes or skips a section of code depending on a condition. The conditional execution statements are the following: if if...else switch
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The figures in this text represent classes as labeled boxes, as shown in Figure 4-5. The class members are represented as smaller labeled boxes inside the class boxes. Private members are represented enclosed entirely within their class box. Public members are represented sticking partially outside their class box.
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public static HardwareProvider HwProvider; public HardwareProvider(); public virtual void GetI2CPins(out Cpu.Pin scl, out Cpu.Pin sda); public virtual void GetSerialPins(SerialPort.Serial com, out Cpu.Pin rxPin, out Cpu.Pin txPin); public virtual void GetSpiPins(SPI.SPI_module spi_mod, out Cpu.Pin msk, out Cpu.Pin miso, out Cpu.Pin mosi); public static void Register(HardwareProvider provider); } } A custom hardware provider must inherit from the HardwareProvider class and at least one of the virtual methods GetI2CPins, GetSerialPins, and GetSpiPins should be overwritten. Your custom hardware provider is then registered with the static Register method. The overwritten methods return the used pin numbers of the underlying hardware. Not all methods must be overwritten. There are default implementations for all methods that return Cpu.Pin.GPIO_NONE.
Listing 12-28. Combining Enum Values class Listing 27 { static void Main(string[] args) { // combine two of the values together CarOptions ops = CarOptions.AlloyWheels | CarOptions.SatNav; // test to see if the combined value contains SatNav bool hasSatNav = (ops & CarOptions.SatNav) == CarOptions.SatNav; // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } }
In this example, a classic JavaScript Array object is created and given a value (First) at the initial index. After that, the add and addRange methods of the Array extension are used to add additional values to the array. Then the last value of the array is removed using the removeAt method, and the underlying Array object is passed to the DisplayArray function to be displayed as shown in Figure 4-1. Once again, notice how the array object here, myArray, is passed in as a parameter to methods of the Array extension. It s important to realize that these additional methods listed in Table 4-1 are not new methods on the native JavaScript Array object itself.
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