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the password that the manager returns do not match, then the VerifyToken method raises a SOAP fault with the following exception message:
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The large pool is not so named because it is a "large" structure (although it may very well be large in size). It is so named because it is used for allocations of large pieces of memory that are bigger than the shared pool is designed to handle. Prior to the introduction of the large pool in Oracle 8.0, all memory allocation took place in the shared pool. This was unfortunate if you were using features that made use of "large" memory allocations, such as shared server UGA memory allocations. This issue was further confounded by the fact that processing, which tended to need a lot of memory allocation, would use the memory in a manner different from the way the shared pool managed it. The shared pool manages memory on an LRU basis, which is perfect for caching and reusing data. Large memory allocations, however, tend to get a chunk of memory, use it, and then be done with it. There was no need to cache this memory. What Oracle needed was something similar to the recycle and keep buffer pools implemented for the block buffer cache, and that s exactly what the large pool and shared pool are now. The large pool is a recycle-style memory space, whereas the shared pool is more like the keep buffer pool if people appear to be using something frequently, then you keep it cached. Memory allocated in the large pool is managed in a heap, much in the way C manages memory via malloc() and free(). As soon as you "free" a chunk of memory, it can be used by other processes. In the shared pool, there really was no concept of freeing a chunk of memory. You would allocate memory, use it, and then stop using it. After a while, if that memory needed to be reused, Oracle would age out your chunk of memory. The problem with using only a shared pool is that one size doesn"t always fit all. The large pool is used specifically by: Shared server connections, to allocate the UGA region in the SGA. Parallel execution of statements, to allow for the allocation of interprocess message buffers, which are used to coordinate the parallel query servers. Backup for RMAN disk I/O buffers in some cases.
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Table 12-1 summarizes the use of constructors and destructors with structs. Table 12-1. Summary of Constructors and Destructors
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Division/testability: Traditionally, ASP.NET web applications were difficult to test because ASPX and ASCX controls often end up containing code related to user interface and business logic. In ASP.NET, MVC classes called controllers manage the interaction between the UI and data (model). This separation also makes it much easier to write tests for your application. You can test controller classes directly instead of having to create complex ways of simulating ASP.NET s UI. Flexibility: Because all the layers are decoupled, it should be easy to swap out any individual layer without affecting the others. The ASP.NET MVC framework itself is very flexible and allows customization of many components. Perhaps you want to change your UI/view or use a different database Maintainability: Although ASP.NET MVC is inherently customizable, it enforces a project to be constructed in a specific way and can help keep an application s code tidy. Additionally, because the project structure is relatively rigid, new developers arriving on the team should be able to quickly understand its architecture.
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stack panel is smaller than, for example, the image, Stretch behaves like Left and will align the image to the left side rather than in the center. When you display a horizontal stack panel, you need to use the VerticalAlignment property. Possible values for the VerticalAlignment enumeration are Top, Bottom, Center, and Stretch. Figure 11-24 show a horizontal stack panel with top-aligned text, a centered image, and a bottom-aligned shape.
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Another difference between C++/CLI enum class types and classic C++ enums is in how they are handled in conversions. The classic C++ enum is readily converted to an int. In fact, it is an int in disguise. This can be very useful, and many programming idioms use this conversion
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You can specify an Update frequency of your choice; however, when the number specified is too high, XNA will not be able to call your Update method at that frequency. If this is the case, the gameTime.IsRunningSlowly variable will be set to true by XNA: Window.Title = gameTime.IsRunningSlowly.ToString();
First, you should identify duplicate objects that have basically the same data and relationships (like Resource and Employee). In this case, Employee can be eliminated in favor of Resource, since that s the term used most often in the use case descriptions (and thus, presumably, most used by the end users). In most scenarios, the end users will have numerous terms for some of their concepts. It s your job, as part of the analysis process, to identify when multiple terms really refer to the same concepts (objects) and to clarify and abstract the appropriate meaning.
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If they don t match, you ll have problems.
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