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Reading and Updating Fields
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Multithreaded Applications
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Client-side DataPortal Client-side proxy classes Message objects
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Figure 3-15. The task screen when a participant has requested a change to a document Mary updates the document, types a comment in the Response section, and clicks the Send button. The workflow automatically updates its status and sends another notification to the product manager that a task has been assigned back to him. Again, he receives this notification both via email and directly in the Word client when he opens the document. In the event that he already has the document open in Word, he can still check for tasks assigned to him. Clicking Office Button Server Tasks View Workflow Tasks brings up a dialog box similar to the one shown in Figure 3-16. It lists and provides access to all incomplete tasks for the current user (for the current document).
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CollapsiblePanelExtender Control
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Inheritance Between Assemblies
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should be prepared to deal with these exceptions. Exception specifications are not supported in Visual C++ even in native code, and C++/CLI does not support this feature either. In general, this feature is impractical because it is not usually feasible to list the complete set of exceptions that a given block of code might generate, most particularly exceptions that propagate from any function called that doesn t have exception specifications. Furthermore, some common exceptions, such as OutOfMemoryException, could be generated almost anywhere. Should these be included in all exception specifications Another problem is performance, since this feature adds to the already intensive runtime overhead associated with exception handling. For all these reasons, the designers of the CLI chose not to implement this feature.
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Figure 13-10. Your Objects and Timeline panel should now look like this. Now that you have done this, you can press Ctrl+Shift+B to build the application. Switch back over to Visual Studio 2010 to set this as an OOB application and wire up the functionality that will determine whether the InstallContainer should be shown or not.
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Void MyColor4f(GLfloat r, GLfloat g, GLfloat b, GLfloat, a) { if ((r != gMyState_CurrentColor[0]) || // did the color change (g != gMyState_CurrentColor[1]) || (b != gMyState_CurrentColor[2]) || (a != gMyState_CurrentColor[3])) { glColor4f(r, g, b, a); // set new color // cache the color so we don't do this again if not needed gMyState_CurrentColor[0] gMyState_CurrentColor[1] gMyState_CurrentColor[2] gMyState_CurrentColor[3] } } = = = = r; g; b; a;
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namespace ShoppingCartWorkflows { using ShoppingCartServiceLibrary; public sealed partial class ShoppingCartItemWorkflow : StateMachineWorkflowActivity { public ShoppingCartItem receivedShoppingCartItem; public string receivedId; public ShoppingCartItem currentShoppingCartItem; public CreditCardPayment ShoppingCartItemCreditCardPayment; public ShoppingCartItemWorkflow() { InitializeComponent(); } private void OnShoppingCartItemPlacedCode_ExecuteCode(object sender, EventArgs { var id = WorkflowEnvironment.WorkflowInstanceId.ToString(); currentShoppingCartItem = new ShoppingCartItem(); currentShoppingCartItem.ShoppingCartItemId = id; currentShoppingCartItem.Price = receivedShoppingCartItem.Price; currentShoppingCartItem.ItemName = receivedShoppingCartItem.ItemName; currentShoppingCartItem.NextItem = new NextItem[] { new NextItem { Relative = ShoppingCartItem.ENDPOINT_CREDITCARD_PAYMENT, Uri = string.Format("{0}{1}", ShoppingCartItem.CREDIT_CARD_PAYMENT_URI, WorkflowEnvironment.WorkflowInstanceId.ToString()), e)
Why use global arrays instead of being nicely OOP and using storage classes It s actually another convenience thing. It s generally a lot easier to poke around and look at data in a global variable because you have only one instance of it in memory and it s a nice block; it s also easier for a cross reference to be used elsewhere in the game if you need. The downside is that you lose some of the protective features of classes, so you have to make sure you re not doing anything stupid with them. For larger projects with more than a couple of coders, this becomes a big worry, and looking toward a more object-oriented approach becomes sensible; however, for an iPhone game, you save far more time with this simplification than you d lose through the odd silly mistake that classes might have shielded you against. The texture-loading routine pulls the image in from disk, makes sure it s a suitable powerof-two size, and then creates a sprite with it (you use the gNumSprites counter to keep track of the number of sprites you ve loaded). This is split across a few functions,
Table 16-7. Members of the System.Text.StringBuilder Class
Ease of Implementation
Object Type
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