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Assemblies with strong names can be installed in a machine-wide repository for assemblies. This repository is called the global assembly cache (GAC). The GAC is the preferred location for assemblies that are used by many different applications. As an example, all assemblies from the FCL are installed in the GAC. The GAC has the term cache in its name because assemblies from the GAC can be loaded faster than strongly named assemblies installed in other locations. This is possible because the signature of an assembly in the GAC is verified when the assembly is placed into the GAC. Since only administrators have write access to the GAC, the runtime considers this one check to be sufficient. The signature is not reverified when the assembly is loaded from the GAC. Due to the faster assembly loading, the assembly resolver first tries to find a strongly named assembly in the GAC. If an assembly is not found in the GAC, the assembly resolver tries to find the assembly in the application base directory or a subdirectory named after the simple name of the requested assembly. The GAC is implemented as a special directory structure in the file system. This directory structure supports side-by-side installation of assemblies. Instead of overwriting one version of an assembly with another one, you can install two different versions of an assembly at the same time. To achieve this, mangled directory names are used. If you install SampleLib.dll in the GAC, it will end up in the following directory: %systemroot%\assembly\GAC_MSIL\SampleLib\ In this directory specification, %systemroot% is the OS name of the system directory (typically C:\WINDOWS). The subdirectory GAC_MSIL is for platform-neutral assemblies. Assemblies that can only execute on the 32-bit CLR end up in the GAC_32 subdirectory instead. The subdirectory below GAC_MSIL or GAC_32 is named after the first part of the four-part assembly name (the simple name). The remaining three parts of the assembly name are mangled into the last subdirectory name The first underscore (_) separates the version number from the Culture specification. Since the Culture of the SampleLib assembly is neutral, the Culture specification in the mangled directory name is empty. The second underscore separates the Culture specification from the PublicKeyToken.
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Most business objects contain moderate amounts of data in their fields. For these, the default .NET default garbage collection behavior is fine. With that behavior, you don t know exactly when an object will be destroyed and its memory reclaimed. But that s almost always OK, because this is exactly what garbage collection is designed to do. However, the default garbage collection behavior may be insufficient when objects hold onto expensive or unmanaged resources until they re destroyed. These resources include things like open database connections, open files on disk, synchronization objects, handles, and any other
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One of the most common programming tasks is to display and edit data from a database, and in this section I ll show you how Windows Forms makes this a simple task. Our goal will be to create a program that can display, update, and edit the contents of the Employee table from the sample Northwind database. In doing this, we ll use the Entity Framework and LINQ. If you have skipped ahead to this chapter, you may want to return to s 27 and 30 before reading this rest of this chapter.
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Figure 10-17. UpdateProgress used to notify users during asynchronous updates
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SQL> select name from v$datafile; NAME -------------------------------------------------------------------------------/home/ora11gr2/dbs/dbs1ora11g.dbf /home/ora11gr2/dbs/dbx1ora11g.dbf /home/ora11gr2/dbs/dbu1ora11g.dbf SQL> select member from v$logfile; MEMBER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------/home/ora11gr2/dbs/log1ora11g.dbf /home/ora11gr2/dbs/log2ora11g.dbf SQL> select name from v$controlfile; NAME -------------------------------------------------------------------------------/home/ora11gr2/dbs/cntrlora11g.dbf SQL> Oracle used defaults to put everything together and created a database as a set of persistent files. If we close this database and try to open it again, we ll discover that we can t: SQL> alter database close; Database altered. SQL> alter database open; alter database open * ERROR at line 1: ORA-1619c6: database has been previously opened and closed An instance can mount and open at most one database in its life. Remember, the instance consists simply of the processes and shared memory. This is still up and running. All we did was close the database, that is, the physical files. We must discard this instance (shutdown) and create a new one (startup) in order to open this or any other database. To recap, An instance is a set of background processes and shared memory. A database is a collection of data stored on disk. An instance can mount and open only a single database, ever. A database may be mounted and opened by one or more instances (using RAC) and the number of instances mounting a single database can fluctuate over time.
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Figure 6-29. Signed into
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As far as investigating is concerned, there are two strategies I follow. First, can I take a complex query, identify where it s probably going wrong, and strip it down to a much simpler example Second, if I see some odd behavior on my current version of Oracle (and can reproduce it), does the same behavior appear on the previous and next versions of Oracle Here are a couple of examples I ve addressed recently that demonstrate what I mean.
Technically, the data portal can be used to interact with objects that don t inherit from a CSLA .NET base class. While I won t cover this in the book, any object that follows the criteria scheme and implements the appropriate DataPortal_XYZ methods can be used with the data portal. This is another reason that calling methods like MarkNew() is optional.
Table 11-1 lists the properties available from RuleDescription.
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