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Security-centric Server Control
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On-Demand Loading (Lazy Loading)
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As you can see, when using client-side GUI objects, the Atlas framework gives you a nice, script-based, object-oriented approach that will make your coding a lot simpler.
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You must initialize String fields to a non-Null value. Other fields may be optionally initialized, but I recommend initializing all fields as shown.
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Root Parent Child
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Client side: 7. Install the Silverlight 4 runtime. Note that Silverlight 4 version is backwardcompatible and thus Silverlight 3, Silverlight 2, and Silverlight 1 applications should work on Silverlight 4 runtime.
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CHAPTER 16: Your Calendar
Figure 7-2. LoadPropertyValue() process flow The LoadProperty() method sets a property s value by ultimately calling LoadPropertyValue(). It is protected, and your business code can use it. You should use SetProperty() when you want to
RepeatBehavior, as its name implies, controls how the timeline repeats. It can take one of three forms: a time span, an iteration count, or the special property value Forever (which causes the repetition to happen continuously). The RepeatBehavior property is of the type Animation.RepeatBehavior, which has two properties that specify the exact repeat behavior: Count and Duration. The Count property is of type double and specifies the number of times the timeline should repeat. Since this is a double property, it s possible to repeat a fraction of the timeline by specifying a value (e.g., 1.5). To specify the Count property in XAML, the property value must be followed by x (e.g., 1.5x) to indicate that the timeline repeats a full iteration and a half. There is also a boolean property, HasCount, which is set to True if the RepeatBehavior represents a Count. The Duration property is the other means used to specify a repeat behavior. This property is of type Duration and is used to specify the total time to run the animation. If the Duration of the repeat is longer than the Duration of the timeline, the timeline will continue for the length of the RepeatBehavior s duration. If the repeat s duration is shorter, however, the timeline will stop before reaching its end. For example, if the Duration of the RepeatBehavior property is set to 0:0:5 and the timeline s duration is 0:0:2, the timeline will repeat one and a half times. There is also a HasDuration property that is set to true when the Duration is specified. It is also possible to set RepeatBehavior to Forever, which represents an animation that continuously repeats.
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