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Figure 2-7. Incorrect and correct choice of the fly-by curve So, how can you know which side you have to move the midpoint to Refer to the upperleft and upper-right images of Figure 2-8, which show two cases that can cause trouble. The dashed line shows the path of the target, and the solid line indicates the straight path of the camera.
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to normalize. As discussed, a normal is the direction perpendicular to a triangle. To normalize means to make a vector of unity length. When you normalize a vector, you reduce (or expand) it so its length becomes exactly 1.
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Note Compare this line to the last line of your ConvertMaterial method defined earlier.
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The ValidationException class allows CSLA .NET to throw a custom exception to indicate that a validation problem has been found. This exception is thrown by the Save() method in BusinessBase. This exception class doesn t add any new information to the base Exception class from the .NET Framework. Thus its code is very simple, since it merely declares a set of constructors, each of which delegates to the Exception base class. (You can look at the code from the code download for the book.)
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13. We need to create a ViewModel that will be used by our View. Add this code right under the
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Object Design
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Expression: x = 10
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// Most significant bits lost
cmdInsertDB2.ExecuteNonQuery(); } } } Here you re not only spanning databases, but also if you want to dynamically compose the steps of the transaction, any method you called on the class would also automatically be enrolled. You could even call out to methods on other types flagged with TransactionOption as Required and their work would automatically be enlisted in the transaction. You can clearly see the power available in this model when there are requirements to compose transactions dynamically. (See 7 for more details on COM+ transaction composition.) The trade-off for this amount of flexibility is costly, though. Your type must inherit from the ServicedComponent base class. And regardless of how your transactions are composed, you ll always incur the overhead of invoking the DTC, even if you re updating a single row in a single table. This is a high price to pay, especially if most of your transactions are against a single data source and a distributed transaction is rare, as is normally the case. This is a real bummer, because it puts you in the situation where if you ever need to dynamically compose transactions, then you always have to use the DTC.
The System.Windows.Controls.Frame class represents a control supporting navigation to and from Silverlight Page controls. You can create one or more Silverlight Page controls with a unique URI for each page to navigate to and from. Tables 11-1, 11-2, and 11-3 show methods, events, and properties of this class respectively. Table 11-1. Methods of the System.Windows.Controls.Frame Class
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