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return x * y / this.divisor;
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DataRow newRow = myDataSet.Tables["Employees"].NewRow();
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such as clothes or a grass texture, or at least make their impact very weak.
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How It Works
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Note The triangles have been defined in such a way that the vertices follow each other in a clockwise
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bindingSource.EndEdit() bindingSource.DataSource = Nothing However, this won t work either, because as soon as you call EndEdit(), the BindingSource immediately calls BeginEdit(). You need to disconnect the object first and then end the edit session. This helper method demonstrates the process: Protected Sub UnbindBindingSource(ByVal source As BindingSource, _ ByVal apply As Boolean, ByVal isRoot As Boolean) Dim current = TryCast(source.Current, System.ComponentModel.IEditableObject) If isRoot Then source.DataSource = Nothing End If If current IsNot Nothing Then If apply Then current.EndEdit() Else current.CancelEdit() End If End If End Sub Although you could include this code in each form or create a base form from which you inherit, that s complexity that would be nice to avoid. The complexity is even worse if you have a master-detail display in your form. In that case, you must remember to unbind all child BindingSource controls first and then unbind the root (master) BindingSource last. To avoid all this complexity, CSLA .NET includes the CslaActionExtender control. This control extends any control that implements IbuttonControl, so the control automatically understands how to unbind the objects before interacting with them. Like the other controls I ve discussed so far, this is an extender control, so it adds extra behaviors to existing controls in this case, button-style controls. Behind the scenes, CslaActionExtender uses BindingSourceHelper and BindingSourceNode objects to do the actual work. This is important, because you can use BindingSourceHelper and BindingSourceNode directly to get the same behavior if you re not using a button-style control. For example, if you implement your Save and Cancel buttons on a ToolBar, you ll be unable to use CslaActionExtender, but you ll still be able to use BindingSourceHelper and BindingSourceNode to simplify your UI code.
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Mobile Objects
Figure 6-59. Find the MediaElement in the Asset Library.
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