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What Silverlight Is and How It Differs from WPF
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// get the current working directory string currentDir = Directory.GetCurrentDirectory(); Console.WriteLine("Current directory: {0}", currentDir); // get the files in this directory string[] fileNames = Directory.GetFiles("."); foreach (string name in fileNames) { Console.WriteLine("File: {0}", name); } // change the working directory Directory.SetCurrentDirectory(@"C:\"); // get the files in this directory fileNames = Directory.GetFiles("."); Console.WriteLine("--- New Working Directory ---"); foreach (string name in fileNames) { Console.WriteLine("File: {0}", name); } // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } Compiling and running Listing 20-5 produces the following results: Current directory: C:\Listing 05\bin\Debug File: .\Listing 05.exe File: .\Listing 05.pdb File: .\Listing 05.vshost.exe File: .\Listing 05.vshost.exe.manifest --- New Working Directory --File: .\hiberfil.sys File: .\pagefile.sys Press enter to finish
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Authentication Modes
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void Game_Work(); void Game_Draw(); #endif // __GAME_H__ //
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Accessing an Attribute
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The left side of the expression is evaluated to determine whether you re doing a query on a child property that has an index. Typically, this means that the Left expression is a property lookup, such as x.MyProperty. In other words, if the expression is a MemberExpression, CSLA .NET will know that you re possibly doing a property lookup on an indexed property. It can then check the Name of the MemberExpression and validate whether there is an index on a child property that matches the Name from the MemberExpression. If that test passes that is, if there is a property lookup on the Left side then you can continue doing an indexed query.
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Figure 4-18. Extended Model processor in the content pipeline
Input Controls
You have followed the same pattern as for the server and separated the statements that communicate with the server into a separate method called HandleServerStream. You call this method, passing the Stream object that connects you to the server as a parameter:
To this empty website I added the appropriate references, and a web.config file to configure remoting to expose the Csla.Server.Hosts.RemotingProxy class.
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