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To make things a bit more realistic, you may want to decrease the influence of a point light as the distance between the light source and the vertex becomes larger. To do this, find this distance by calling the length intrinsic on the lightDirection before you normalize it. Next, divide the LightFactor by this distance: float3 final3DPosition = mul(inPos, xWorld); float3 lightDirection = final3DPosition - xLightPosition; float distance = length(lightDirection); lightDirection = normalize(lightDirection); Output.LightFactor = dot(rotNormal, -lightDirection); Output.LightFactor /= distance;
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In the section on deriving from a generic base class, I showed you how to upcast to the base generic type. If the base type is called BaseType<T> and is derived to create DerivedType<T>, you can upcast like this: DerivedType<int> myDerivedObject = new DerivedType<int>(); BaseClass<int> myUpcastObject = myDerivedObject; What you can t do is cast the parameterized type; you ll get a compiler error if you try this:
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The result of the web service call is deserialized using the Deserialize() helper and is put into a field of type Object. This is important because the result could either be a Csla.Server. DataPortalResult object or a subclass of System.Exception. If an exception was thrown on the server, it is returned to the client in serialized form; otherwise, a normal result is returned. Either way, the Fetch() method has to handle the result: if (result is Exception) throw (Exception)result; return (Server.DataPortalResult)result; In the case of a server-side exception, the exception is rethrown on the client. Remember that the data portal only returns Csla.Server.DataPortalException type exceptions, which contain the full server-side stack trace and other details. This implementation achieves full parity with .NET Remoting or Enterprise Services, returning the complete server-side exception details through Web Services. On the other hand, if a normal result was returned, then that result is simply passed back to Csla.DataPortal so it can process it normally. Because the Csla.dll assembly has a preexisting web reference to the Csla.Server.Hosts. WebServicePortal class, no special client configuration is required. The client s config file merely needs to specify the use of the web service proxy and the server s URL.
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To get started with JavaScript in Atlas, fire up Visual Studio .NET, and create a new blank Atlas web site by selecting File New Website and then selecting ASP.NET Atlas Web Site from the New Web Site dialog box (see Figure 3-1). When you click OK, Visual Studio .NET will create a new workspace for you that contains everything you need to get started with Atlas. You can see the structure it sets up in Figure 3-2. The template copies the Microsoft.Web.Atlas.dll assembly dependency into your \Bin directory so that your dependencies when running the application will be straight. You ll have to deploy this file with your application if you are moving it to a production server.
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DragCanvas.Children.Add(videoDragger); // Add 150 units to XProp Xprop += 150; // Attach the MouseDragElementBehavior to videoDragger MouseDragElementBehavior dragBehavior = new MouseDragElementBehavior(); dragBehavior.Attach(videoDragger); videoDragger.MouseLeftButtonUp += new MouseButtonEventHandler(videoDragger_MouseLeftButtonUp); } } void videoDragger_MouseLeftButtonUp(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e) { // get a list of all visual elements in the VisualTree IEnumerable<UIElement> mylist = VisualTreeHelper.FindElementsInHostCoordinates(e.GetPosition(this), this); //cycle foreach { // if { through each element (UIElement uie in mylist) if this element is a MediaElement (uie is MediaElement) // create a UC_VideoDragger element UC_VideoDragger videoDragger = sender as UC_VideoDragger; // make sure it is not null if (videoDragger != null) { // pause the MediaElement (named ME) ME.Pause(); // create the URI based upon the videoDragger Uri srcUri = new Uri(videoDragger.VideoURL, UriKind.RelativeOrAbsolute); // set the Source of ME ME.Source = srcUri; // play the ME ME.Play(); } } } }
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Figure 9-8. Calling managed virtual functions from native code To call the native virtual function F2, the managed caller uses the IL instructions for virtual memory access discussed in 8 to determine the address to the virtual function pointer from the vtable. Once the virtual function pointer is obtained, the function can be called via the CALLI instruction. For the call p->F2(), the compiler emits the following IL code: ldloc p // Push SampleClass pointer on the stack (later used as this argument for call)
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