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Figure 11-19. Connecting your physical and logical ports 8. Right-click the orchestration and select Enlist and then Start.
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Figure 10-8. A namespace can be spread across source files and compiled to separate assemblies.
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Video Calling
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Linear interpolation uses a diagonal line, as shown in Figure 10-10. If you think back to freshman-level calculus, you ll recall that the derivative of a function describes its rate of change. The linear interpolation function is y = C f(x), where C is a constant and the derivative is a horizontal line, also shown in Figure 10-10. Unsurprisingly, this describes a constant rate of change. The coordinate space, although it runs from 0 to 1 in both axes, maps to any timeline/property value range. For example, if a timeline has a duration of ten seconds, five seconds corresponds to x = 0.5 on the graph, and ten seconds corresponds to x=1. This coordinate space will be useful when we look at spline interpolation.
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Silverlight s development was the obvious offshoot of WPF, and there was no satisfactory technology for the Microsoft developer to create RIAs prior to its release. Options such as ActiveX controls or embedded Windows forms suffered from being difficult to develop and debug, were not cross-platform, and had security and deployment issues. For a taste of just what is possible using Silverlight, take a look at the upcoming Microsoft Office Online application ( Office Online utilizes Silverlight to provide online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Perhaps the biggest advantage offered by Silverlight is that applications can be written using the .NET framework and existing Microsoft tools such as Visual Studio. This immediately lowers the entry barrier to new developers and gives them access to much more functionality. Although Flash is almost certainly installed on more browsers than Silverlight, at the time of writing, Microsoft is in a strong position to encourage uptake of Silverlight (subject to future possible antitrust legislation!). It is hard to get accurate statistics about Silverlight uptake, but the sites and are well worth a look. At the time of writing, they indicate that roughly 25 percent of browsers have some version of Silverlight installed. Adobe indicates that it has a much higher uptake, which is to be expected with a more mature product:
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Creating Your Very First Silverlight Application
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Layout Controls: Including the New Silverlight 4 Controls: Viewbox, RichTextBox, FlowDirection Property, and Improved Data Binding reading barcode sample code 128
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COM types from a DLL or type library) with managed code, this will cause code to be generated that is not compilable with /clr:pure or /clr:safe. COM interop is a CLR feature, not specifically a C++/CLI language feature, so it is not described here in depth. There are excellent books available on COM interop, such as COM and .NET Interoperability by Andrew Troelsen (Apress, 2002) and .NET and COM: The Complete Interoperability Guide by Adam Nathan (Sams, 2002). Next, we turn to a discussion of the interior pointer and pinning pointer types, which you ve seen used here and there throughout the text. These constructs are particularly useful when dealing with mixing native and managed types.
public interface IReadOnlyObject : IBusinessObject { bool CanReadProperty(string propertyName); } The CanReadProperty() method will be discussed later in the chapter.
We start with the get keyword and follow with a code block that returns a value of the type of the property, which we defined as int in the definition. In this case, we want to return the value of a field in the same class called itemsInStock, so we just say return itemsInStock. The setter is slightly more complicated. Here it is: set { if (value >= 0) { itemsInStock = value; } else { throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException(); } } We start with the set keyword, indicating that this is the setter. Setters are passed an instance of the property type using the special parameter called value. In this example, it is an int. The code statements in the example setter validate value to make sure that it is greater or equal to zero, and, if it is, the value is assigned to the class field. If the value is negative, then I throw an ArgumentOutOfRange exception instead. You can learn more about exceptions in 14. The remaining part of the property is the access modifier; these are discussed in the Using Access Modifiers section later in this chapter.
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