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The Customer schema is now available as a Fact, and you can base decisive logic on the individual nodes. Before you work with those nodes, however, you need to have the decisive logic itself in place. As you can see in the IF/THEN panels, you have only condition and action points. If you right-click the Conditions tag, you ll have access to the various predicates that BizTalk has made available, as shown in Figure 12-19.
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Child Collection Properties
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The NameValueListBase class is designed specifically to support the idea of lookup tables or lists of read-only key/value data such as categories, customer types, product types, and so forth. The goal of this class is to simplify the process of retrieving such data and displaying it in common controls such as drop-down lists, combo boxes, and other list controls. The following shows the beginnings of a custom name/value list: <Serializable()> _ Public Class CodeList Inherits NameValueListBase(Of Integer, String) End Class Although the business developer does need to create a specific class for each type of name/ value data, inheriting from this base class largely trivializes the process. There are a couple similar types in the System.Collections.Specialized namespace: NameObjectCollectionBase and NameValueCollection. These types don t automatically integrate with the rest of the CSLA .NET framework for tasks such as object persistence and don t fully support data binding.
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| .param type dottedName | .param [ int32 ] initOpt scopeBlock ::= { methodDecls }
Receive Port
However, for n-tier client/server applications, the factors listed in Table 12-1 are typically very important. Let s discuss each factor in turn.
Listing 16-15 demonstrates the use of some of the methods described in Table 16-5.
10. Add two unit test cases and test initialization code into the HostWCFServiceUnitTest project as in Listing 4-7. Listing 4-7. Unit Test Cases for WCF Service Hosted in Azure using using using using using System; System.Text; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.UnitTesting;
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