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DownloadStringCompleteEventArgs, which is a string of our XML video data.
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CHAPTER 3: Rapid Game Development Using (Mostly) Standard C
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The publisher must provide the event and often provides the code to raise the event. Creating an event is simple it requires only a delegate type and a name. The syntax for an event declaration is shown in the following code, which declares an event called Elapsed. Notice the following about event Elapsed: It is declared inside a class called MyTimerClass. It accepts event handlers with the return type and signature matching the delegate type EventHandler. It is declared public so that other classes and structs can register event handlers with it.
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Parent EventList
The OnListChanged() method raises the ListChanged event from the SortedBindingList object. Notice that the exact same event is raised, so in this case the UI is blissfully unaware that SortedBindingList is a view over the original collection. However, if the view is sorted, then things are far more complex. In this case, the view must be updated appropriately based on the underlying change in the original collection. The ListChanged event can indicate different types of changes, each of which must be handled in a different manner. The code that goes in the preceding Select block takes care of these details. Let s go through each Case of that block.
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