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For implicitly dereferenced variables, the principle resource acquisition is initialization is applied in the same way as it is applied for variables of native types. This means that at the end of the variable s scope, IDisposable::Dispose is called on the FileStream object and the StreamReader object in an exception-safe way. To understand how this automatic cleanup is achieved, it is helpful to find out what the compiler has generated. Instead of showing the generated IL code, I will show you pseudocode in C++/CLI that describes what is going on during object construction and destruction. This pseudocode does not precisely map to the generated IL code, but it is simpler to understand, as the generated IL code uses constructs that are not very common and handles cases that are not relevant here. int main() { FileStream^ fs = gcnew FileStream("sample.txt", FileMode::Open); // start a try block to ensure that the FileStream is // deleted deterministically (in the finally block) try { StreamReader^ sr = gcnew StreamReader(fs); // start a try block to ensure that the StreamReader instance is // deleted deterministically try { Console::WriteLine(sr->ReadToEnd()); } finally { delete sr; } } finally { delete fs; } } Similar to the delete operator, implicitly dereferenced variables can be used for types that do not support IDisposable. When an implicitly dereferenced variable is of a type that does not support IDisposable, no cleanup code is emitted at the end of the scope.
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Figure 4-2. The test page after a postback This is what comes to mind for a lot of folks when state maintenance is mentioned. But for this control, you ve disabled ViewState (by setting EnableViewState=false). You can verify this on the trace report, where it s reported that the textbox has contributed zero bytes to ViewState. So how was the value maintained across postbacks An input of type text sends its value to the server whenever an HTML Form is submitted. This is, of course, the underlying architecture of a Web Form postback. The ASP .NET Framework will leverage this whenever it can in the service of state maintenance. Aside from input values, text area input, and select elements, not much more state information is naturally included in a post. You can easily modify the demo code to demonstrate this. In this code, you ll set a CSS attribute only on the first rendering of the page: void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if (this.IsPostBack) {
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Common Business Rules
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Table 5-13. Properties of the System.Net.Socket.UdpAnySourceMulticastClient Class
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Loading Videos onto Your iPod touch
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Figure 6-14. The sample XML file You ll notice that Visual Studio has been kind enough to supply you with the appropriate data for the data types that you specified: Your string fields have character data, and your numeric fields contain numbers. So you ve created an XML file from scratch. And that has some practicality to it. But I m quite sure that in your BizTalk work, you ll find that you have the XML data file, but not the schema. Fear not, for help is on the way!
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Subtracting Results
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The java.net Package
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Using the String Concatenate Functoid
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Result1: True, Result2: True Press enter to finish The Find, FindAll, FindIndex, FindLast, and FindLastIndex methods all require predicates as arguments and do what their name suggests. Listing 19-6 shows these methods being used. Listing 19-6. Using Other Predicate Methods using System; using System.Collections.Generic; namespace Listing 06 { class Listing 06 { static void Main(string[] args) { // create the list collection List<string> list = new List<string>() { "apple", "apricot", "banana", "cherry", "mango", "orange", "pear"}; // create a predicate so we can resuse the // same instance in multiple method calls Predicate<string> p = new Predicate<string>(s => s[0] == 'a'); // find the first matches with the predicate string item1 = list.Find(p); int index1 = list.FindIndex(p); // find the last matches with the predicate string item2 = list.FindLast(p); int index2 = list.FindLastIndex(p); // print out the results Console.WriteLine("Find: {0}, FindIndex: {1}", item1, index1); Console.WriteLine("FindLast: {0}, FindLastIndex: {1}", item2, index2); List<string> sublist = list.FindAll(p); // enumerate the sub-list foreach (string str in sublist) { Console.WriteLine("Sublist Item: {0}", str); } // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } }
Index Organized Tables Wrap-up
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Convert between base types. Return multiple results from a method. Make generic type names easier to use. Create nullable types.
Yet again, the limited screen size of the device would determine the UI. Given that a large portion of the screen would be taken up by the puzzle area, there wasn t a lot of space left to store the unused pieces. Simply tucking them away off screen was not an option. This type of game requires that you can see all the shapes at once, so you can form solutions in your mind. To fit all 12 pentomino pieces on the screen without encroaching on the puzzle area, I decided to put trays along both sides of the screen to hold miniature versions of the pieces (see Figure 5-31). This way, the player could grab one piece at any time and move it into the grid area, causing the piece to grow to full size. Even better, when a user didn t need a piece anymore, the piece could be moved off the grid, and it d shrink back to the tray.
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