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Figure 6-10. The completed Order schema
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Before configuring the DataGridView control that is bound to the Resources collection, another BindingSource control is required. The Roles column in the grid is a combo box column, listing the available roles a resource can play on a project. This list is easily populated by the RoleList object created in 8 but for it to be available for data binding, there must be a BindingSource control in the component tray. You can drag a BindingSource control onto the designer directly from the toolbox (it s in the Data group of the toolbox). Figure 9-17 shows how to set the DataSource property of the new control to the RoleList object (assuming you ve added your business objects to the Data Sources window as discussed earlier in this chapter).
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If you are passing parameters into a method, the compiler can sometimes infer from the types of the method parameters the types that should be used as the type parameters of the generic method. This can make the method calls simpler and easier to read. For example, the following code declares MyMethod, which takes a method parameter of the same type as the type parameter. public void MyMethod <T> (T myVal) { ... } Both are of type T If you invoke MyMethod with a variable of type int, as shown in the following code, the information in the type parameter of the method invocation is redundant, since the compiler can see from the method parameter that it s an int. int myInt = 5; MyMethod <int> (myInt); Both are ints Since the compiler can infer the type parameter from the method parameter, you can omit the type parameter and its angle brackets from the invocation, as shown here: MyMethod(myInt);
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Associating the Certificate to the Azure Application URL
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{ [ServiceContract(Name = "UserRegisterService", Namespace = "http://AzureForDotNetDeveloper.DotNetService.ServiceBus")] public interface IAzureForDotNetDeveloperWCFservice { [OperationContract(Action = "Ping", ReplyAction = "PingResponse")] string Ping(); [OperationContract(Action = "RegisterUser", ReplyAction = "AddUserResponse")] void RegisterUser(string xmlString); [OperationContract(Action = "GetRegisteredUser", ReplyAction = "GetUserListResponse")] string GetRegisteredUser(); } [DataContract] public class User { [DataMember] public string FirstName; [DataMember] public string LastName; [DataMember] public DateTime TimeRegistered; [DataMember] public string Password; } } Listing 5-8. Implementations for IAzureForDotNetDeveloperWCFService using using using using using using using using using System; System.Runtime.Serialization; System.ServiceModel; System.ServiceModel.Channels; System.Collections.Generic; System.IO; System.Xml; System.Xml.Serialization; System.Text;
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Figure 8-3. The three phases of the send pipeline That s all you need to know about pipelines for this chapter.
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SOAP message routing is a topic that follows very naturally from the discussions presented so far in this chapter. Routing allows you to set up a virtual network for processing incoming SOAP messages, by enabling the flexible redirection of SOAP messages to alternate servers that are not directly accessible by the original sender. I use the term virtual network because the routing may only take place on a subset of the actual physical network. There are three main virtual network design models for routing: Load Balancing: This model routes SOAP messages from a logical endpoint on to one server within a cluster of back-end servers that are running the same services. This routing pattern overlaps what is provided by established network load balancing (NLB) solutions, including Cisco LocalDirector and Microsoft Network Load Balancing Services. Chain: This model routes SOAP messages through a chain of so-called SOAP intermediaries, which are intermediate services that process a SOAP message on the way to its ultimate receiving endpoint. Content-Based: This model routes SOAP messages based on headerspecific content. Figure 9-3 provides schematic views of each of these patterns. Notice that each of them defines a common entity called the SOAP router. This is the immediate destination endpoint for an incoming SOAP request message. In the Load Balancing model, the SOAP router does no direct message processing; its sole purpose is to redirect the message to alternate servers for processing. However, in the other models the SOAP router may process the SOAP message in addition to routing it.
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