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Connected to: Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Production With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options IMP-00010: not a valid export file, header failed verification IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully Even in the cases where IMP was able to recognize the file, there would be a great chance that the DDL generated by the 11g Release 2 EXP tool would not be DDL that the earlier version of Oracle would recognize. For example, suppose you export from any release of Oracle version 9i Release 2 or above. You would find in the export file that every CREATE TABLE has a COMPRESS or NOCOMPRESS option added to it. Oracle 9i Release 2 added basic table compression as a feature. If you were able to get any release of
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If you select a UnitCost row label before clicking the arrow, that field name will be the default selecTip
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You start with an X coordinate and a Z coordinate, and you want to know the corresponding Y coordinate of a point on your terrain. You find this by interpolating the heights of the three vertices of the triangle the point is in. This means you first have to find which triangle the point is in, which is not as trivial as it seems. But first I ll introduce you to interpolation.
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The last thing you need is to populate the list upon first arriving at the client. We ll save this for the next section, where we discuss some built-in support the Page type has for scripting. There are a number of improvements you can make to the sample. This code looks nothing like the script code you started with. Maintenance may be difficult. It s good to keep the original static script around; you can use it to troubleshoot and change the behavior of the page, and then you can map those changes into the script-generating code. The biggest downside shows up when your page does a postback. ddlListB won t behave as you d expect it to. On a postback, you d probably write some code to access ddlListB.SelectedValue to do some processing. This would not be populated. The DropDownList relies on a collection of list items and view state. You never populated the list server side, and so no ViewState exists for it. To retrieve this value, you have to resort to the old-fashioned ASP-style syntax of Request.Form["ddlListB"]. For this reason you ll probably want to pull the code for these lists out into their own control. Even a User Control would suffice (if you did not plan to use it in more than a single application). This way you could add a public property to the control to expose the second list s value, and not have to burden consumers of your control with details of its implementation. While you re at it, you may as well generalize its functionality to create two lists against any data source, instead of just the XML file in this example.
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Of course, that change would require coding changes. To start, the PTPrincipal and PTIdentity classes should be removed from ProjectTracker.Library, as they would no longer be needed. Also, the login/logout functionality implemented in this chapter would become unnecessary. Specifically, the Login form and the code to display that form would be removed from the UI project.
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Again, while you may implement validation logic to run in a browser or other external client, you can t trust that code. You must view the logic that runs under your control in the Business layer as being the only real validation logic.
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Once users have been authenticated, the ASP .NET runtime may optionally attempt to assign users to a known role. Recall from earlier in the chapter that role-based security models enable you to restrict what a given individual may (or may not) do based on the role to which they belong. Under ASP .NET 1.x, roles were configured using the <authorization> segment of a web.config file. For example, the following web.config file denies access to all contained resources for unauthenticated users and ensures that only authenticated users that are assigned to a role named DeluxeUser can access the DeluxeContent.aspx file (via the <location> element): <configuration> <system.web> <authentication mode="Forms"> <forms loginUrl ="Logon.aspx"/> </authentication> <authorization> <deny users = " "/> </authorization> </system.web> <location path ="DeluxeContent.aspx"> <system.web> <authorization> <allow roles ="DeluxeUser"/> <deny users ="*"/> </authorization> </system.web> </location> </configuration> While the previous web.config file would function perfectly under ASP .NET 2.0, creating roles such as DeluxeUser (as well as assigning users to roles) can be automated using the Role Manager. Much like the membership provider examined earlier in the chapter, the role management system relies on a specific provider to store the role-based data, which by default is AspNetSqlRoleProvider; therefore, role data is stored within a local mdf file under your App_Data folder. This time, however, the data will be stored in the role-centric tables, such as aspnet_Roles (see Figure 5-22).
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There are two versions available one for the Express edition of Visual Studio and one for the paidfor versions. If you go to the previously shown URL, you will see links for each version, as shown in Figure 38-10.
Figure 9-1. The anatomy of a simple method
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