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6. Form processing: Forms strongly imply a process. Any electronic form that generates a discrete document can likely be routed and processed by a workflow. Though certainly not limited to these types, here are a few examples of forms that would lend themselves well to Workflow: Requisition forms Expense reports Travel requests Timesheets 7. Web content management: Moving content from concept to publication is often a precise and intense process requiring multiple levels of review and approval. Often, in highly regulated environments, there are prescribed steps to follow prior to publication. 8. Knowledge management: Maintaining a knowledgebase is an increasingly important part of corporate life. The ability to have multiple people submit content is often one way to improve the relevancy and quantity of information available. However, without a process to manage those submissions, the knowledgebase will quickly become overgrown and unwieldy. 9. Document approval: Not quite as formal or involved as a whole document lifecycle process, this is just a simple review and approval. 10. <Insert Your Favorite Scenario Here>: I d like to say I was being considerate of my audience and letting them supply an entry to this Top-10 list that met their needs, but the truth of the matter is that I got stumped at 9. Somehow, though, a Top-9 list just doesn t sound right. So go ahead and supply your own entry for number 10.
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Note One can almost argue that taking the time to analyze a problem and implement a true solution is also a
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Binders resolve classes from dynamic dispatch. .NET 4.0 currently supports the following binder types: Object Binder .NET (uses Reflection and resolved our earlier example to type string) JavaScript binder (IDynamicObject) IronPython binder (IDynamicObject) IronRuby binder (IDynamicObject) COM binder (IDispatch)
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"Cherry,Red,500", "Apple,Green,230", "Plum,Red,300", "Banana,Yellow,100", "Grape,Green,400" }; IEnumerable<XElement> results = from e in csvData let elements = e.Split(',') where elements[1] == "Red" select new XElement("Fruit", new XElement("Name", elements[0]), new XElement("Color", elements[1]), new XElement("ItemsInStock", elements[2]) ); // assign the results to a root node XElement rootNode = new XElement("Fruits", results); // write the XML to the console Console.WriteLine(rootNode); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } The query in Listing 29-21 uses the Split method of the string class (described in 16) to extract the individual elements from the CSV data and project new XElements for each CSV data line. I have also used a where clause to filter out any CSV data line where the second element isn t Red. Compiling and running Listing 29-20 produces the following output: <Fruits> <Fruit> <Name>Cherry</Name> <Color>Red</Color> <ItemsInStock>500</ItemsInStock> </Fruit> <Fruit> <Name>Plum</Name> <Color>Red</Color> <ItemsInStock>300</ItemsInStock> </Fruit> </Fruits> Press enter to finish
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Calendar Alerts
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students { StID = { StID = { StID =
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And the collection objects are every bit as complex as the business objects themselves. The application must handle the simple case in which a user edits an existing LineItem, but it must also handle the case in which a user adds a new LineItem and then cancels changes to the parent or grandparent, resulting in the new LineItem being discarded. Equally, it must handle the case in which the user deletes a LineItem and then cancels changes to the parent or grandparent, thereby causing that deleted object to be restored to the collection as though nothing had ever happened. Things get even more complex if you consider that the framework keeps a list of broken validation rules for each object. If the user changes an object s data so that the object becomes invalid but then cancels the changes, the original state of the object must be restored. The reverse is true as well: an object may start out invalid (perhaps because a required field is blank), so the user must edit data until it becomes valid. If the user later cancels the object (or its parent, grandparent, etc.), the object must become invalid once again because it will be restored to its original invalid state. Fortunately, this is easily handled by treating the broken rules and validity of each object as part of that object s state. When an undo operation occurs, not only is the object s core state restored but so is the list of broken rules associated with that state. The object and its rules are restored together. N-level undo is a perfect example of complex code that shouldn t be written into every business object. Instead, this functionality should be written once, so that all business objects support the concept and behave the way we want them to. This functionality will be incorporated directly into the business object framework but at the same time, the framework must be sensitive to the different environments in which the objects will be used. Although n-level undo is of high importance when building sophisticated Windows user experiences, it s virtually useless in a typical web environment. In web-based applications, users typically don t have a Cancel button. They either accept the changes or navigate away to another task, allowing the application to simply discard the changed object. In this regard, the web environment is much simpler, so if n-level undo isn t useful to the web UI developer, it shouldn t incur any overhead if it isn t used. The framework design takes into account that some UI types will use the concept while others will simply ignore it.
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