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Table 4-3. Basic Settings for the KCD Holdings Marketing Plan Workflow
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As discussed in s 2 and 4, the data portal supports three transactional models: manual, Enterprise Services, and System.Transactions. The preferred model for performance and simplicity is System.Transactions, and so that is the model used in the sample application. This means that each method that updates data will be decorated with the [Transactional (TransactionTypes.TransactionScope)] attribute. Since this tells the data portal to wrap the code in a TransactionScope object, there s no need to write any ADO.NET or stored procedure transactional code. All the transaction details are handled by the TransactionScope object from System. Transactions. As you look at the data access code, notice that it never actually catches any exceptions. The code leverages using blocks to ensure that database connection, command, and data reader objects are disposed properly, but no exceptions are caught. The reasons for this are twofold: First, the code uses the [Transactional()] attribute, which causes it to run within a System. Transactions transactional context. An exception automatically causes the transaction to be rolled back, which is exactly the desired result. If the exceptions were caught, then the transaction wouldn t be rolled back, and the application would misbehave. Second, if an exception occurs, normal processing shouldn t continue. Instead, the client code needs to be notified that the operation failed, and why. Returning the exception to the client code allows the client code to know that there was a problem during data access. The client code can then choose how to handle the fact that the object couldn t be created, retrieved, updated, or deleted. Remember that the original exception is wrapped in a DataPortalException, which includes extra information that can be used by the client when handling the exception.
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// Invoke the delegate.
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5. Next, copy (Ctrl+C) the green Rectangle and paste (Ctrl+V) a new one. 6. Remove the stroke from the new Rectangle. 7. Change the fill to be a gradient that goes from white to white. 8. Change the bottom gradient to have an Alpha of 0%, so that the Brushes bucket of the
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Row Source Operation --------------------------------------------------UPDATE T (cr=12 pr=1 pw=1 time=0 us) INDEX UNIQUE SCAN SYS_C0020587 (cr=2 pr=0 pw=0 time=0 us cost=1 Max. Wait ---------0.00 Total Waited -----------0.00
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named parameters.
I set the IsEnabled property of the installButton object based on the value of the Application.InstallState property, which returns a value from the InstallState enumeration. The InstallState enumeration defines values that you can use to determine whether an application has been installed. The NotInstalled state means that it has not. The Application class defines an event you can listen to for notification of when the installation state changes. This means I can disable my Install button in the browser when the user installs the application and enable it again if they uninstall. I register interest in the event like this: Application.Current.InstallStateChanged += (innerSender, eventArgs) => { setButtonState(); }; When the status is changed and the event is invoked, I call the setButtonState method to ensure that my button status accurately reflects the application installation status. The final addition is a handler method for the Click event of the installButton object, which is as follows:
Figure 8-18. FILE Transport Properties dialog box 6. Back in the Send Port Properties dialog box, in the left pane, select Filters, to assign a filter to the port. As I stated earlier, send ports are built on the subscription concept. Your port spends its time looking at the BizTalk message box, but if you don t give it something specific to monitor, it will never retrieve the message from the engine, and the processed message will remain in the box forever, unprocessable. 7. In the right pane of the dialog box is the Filters panel, with an empty row for entering your own filter expressions. Under Property, find and select BTS.ReceivePortName. Under Value, enter the name that you assigned to your receive port. (Remember when I said that you would be using the receive port name later ) Enter ReceivePort1 for the value, provided that you accepted the default name as recommended. Your Filters panel should appear as shown in Figure 8-19.
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