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List view (also known as Agenda view): Touch the List button at the bottom, and you can see a list of your appointments. Depending on how much you have scheduled, you could see the next day or even the next week s worth of scheduled events. Swipe up or down to see more events.
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manage one large table, you would like to have 8 or 16 smaller tables to manage. Hash partitioning is also useful to increase availability to some degree, as demonstrated in the Increased Availability section; the temporary loss of a single hash partition permits access to all of the remaining partitions. Some users may be affected, but there is a good chance that many will not be. Additionally, the unit of recovery is much smaller now. You do not have a single large table to restore and recover; you have a fraction of that table to recover. Lastly, hash partitioning is useful in high update contention environments, as mentioned in the Enhanced Statement Performance section when we talked about OLTP systems. Instead of having a single hot segment, we can hash partition a segment into 16 pieces, each of which is now receiving modifications.
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Note In releases before Oracle 11g, you will have to use SELECT T_SEQ.NEXTVAL INTO :NEW.PK FROM DUAL;
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The other child tag for the UpdatePanel control is <Triggers>. This allows you to define triggers for the update. As seen in the previous table, the UpdatePanel control has a property calledUpdateMode. If you set this to Conditional (the default is Always), then updates to the rendering of the markup will occur only when a trigger is hit. The Triggers tag contains the collection of trigger definitions. In Visual Studio 2005, there is a designer-based Trigger Collections Editor (accessed by clicking on the Triggers Collection property in the property box for the UpdatePanel) that can be used to view and edit triggers within an UpdatePanel as shown in Figure 5-9.
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Although the term combining delegates might give the impression that the operand delegates are modified, they are not changed at all. In fact, delegates are immutable. After a delegate object is created, it cannot be changed. Figure 15-6 illustrates the results of the preceding code. Notice that the operand delegates remain unchanged.
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There are five types of constraints. These are listed in Table 19-2. Table 19-2. Types of Constraints
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A metadata heap is a storage of trivial structure, holding a contiguous sequence of items. Heaps are used in metadata to store strings and binary objects. There are three kinds of metadata heaps: String heap: This kind of heap contains zero-terminated character strings, encoded in UTF-8. The strings follow each other immediately. The first byte of the heap is always 0, and as a result the first string in the heap is always an empty string. The last byte of the heap must be 0 as well (in other words, the last string in the heap must be zero-terminated just like the others). GUID heap: This kind of heap contains 16-byte binary objects, immediately following each other. The size of the binary objects is fixed, so length parameters or terminators are not needed. Blob heap: This kind of heap contains binary objects of arbitrary size. Each binary object is preceded by its length (in compressed form). Binary objects are aligned on 4-byte boundaries. datamatrix reader
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iBooks, as we have shared, offers an unparalleled e-book reading experience. There are, however, other e-book reader apps available for the iPod touch that are worth checking out.
Once you have autogenerated the WSDL document, there are three main things that you will want to do with it. First, you will need to abstract out the data type information from the embedded <types> element into a separate XSD schema file. This is essential in an SOA so that other Web services and clients can have access to the same centralized schema definition file of the custom data types. Second, you can use a command-line tool called wsdl.exe to autogenerate proxy classes that clients can use to interact with the Web service. You can replicate the same feature in Visual Studio .NET by adding a Web reference from a client project to a Web service. Third, you can use the same utility with alternate switches to generate server-side code implementations of the Web service contract. You may either generate abstract classes, or you can generate service interface code methods that can be directly implemented rather than overridden. These code-generation capabilities are useful for creating a server-side backend implementation based on an established Web service contract. You will see examples of this in s 3 and 4, where we use the utility to generate stub classes for the sample Web service implementation. As you become a more sophisticated Web services developer, you will end up spending more time developing outside of the comfortable environment of Visual Studio .NET. This is because you will grow to need a higher level of control over your Web services development than Visual Studio .NET can currently provide.
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