Drag-and-Drop Data Binding
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xsd.exe: This command-line tool generates the type section only for the IDC file based on an XSD schema file. You can use this autogenerated file as a starting point and then manually insert the abstract class definitions for each of the Web service operations. The general usage of the utility is xsd.exe <schema>.xsd /classes: dataset [/o:]. Table 3-3 summarizes selected command-line switches for the xsd.exe utility.
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PTPrincipal is a .NET principal object, and acts as the primary entry point for custom authentication and role-based authorization. PTIdentity is a .NET identity object and is responsible for representing the user s identity. At this point, the object model can be considered complete.
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Figure 5-2. Rendering multiple lines as a LineStrip
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PGA usage stats Enqueue activity, latch activity, latch sleeps Segment statistics Dictionary cache, row cache and library cache SGA memory init.ora parameters
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For rendering the chart, we simply create a server side ASP.NET Image control, imgPriceHistory within the <ContentTemplate> of the third TabPanel, and set the ImageUrl property of the Image control to the corresponding PH.aspx page. This should all be done in an asynchronous manner because all these controls reside within an UpdatePanel control (as discussed later). Here s the markup:
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A common error is to think of an event as a type, which it is not. An event is a member, and there are several important ramifications to this: Because a member is not a type, you do not use an object-creation expression (a new expression) to create its object. Because an event is a member It must be declared in a class or struct, with the other members. You cannot declare an event in a block of executable code.
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Before you create your own caching system (you crazy fool), you would be wise to take a look into Microsoft s new free distributed caching system, Velocity. Velocity provides a huge amount of functionality and is easily utilized by both web and Windows applications. Velocity presents a view of the cache that can be spread out amongst many machines and accessed by any type of application. For more information please refer to: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-au/library/cc645013.aspx.
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Don t forget to call this method at the end of your Draw method: PostProcess();
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