Important Parts of the CLI
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// The SOAP Body element is verified as Encrypted. return true; } } } return false; }
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FileTypeMap map = FileTypeMap.getDefaultFileTypeMap(); map.addMimeTypes("mime/type ext EXT");
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Table 2-1. The SimpleProgram Program, Line by Line
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Figure 2-10. Cube divided into eight smaller cubes Now consider the case when an additional model needs to be added to the cube that already contains five models. This cube would have to be split into its eight child cubes, and its six models would have to be sent to the correct child cubes, as depicted in Figure 2-12.
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By ensuring that the logical model has enough layers to provide flexibility, you can configure your application into an appropriate physical architecture that will depend on your performance, scalability, fault tolerance, and security requirements. The more physical tiers included, the worse the performance will be; however, there is the potential to increase scalability, security, and/or fault tolerance.
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Figure 5-16. Turn Subtotal on or off for an individual row label. Using this command toggles the Subtotal setting if the Subtotal setting was on, it is turned off. The subtotal for the selected field appears in the position that was last specified for the pivot table. For example, if subtotals were at the top of the group, and then you turned off subtotals, the field s subtotals appear at the top of its group.
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Lines 20 through 22 query the document library for items where the WorkflowName column match the name of the workflow we re working with. Again, remember that rulesets are tightly bound to a workflow template and shouldn t show the user rulesets that are not applicable to the workflow they have selected. Finally, lines 23 through 29 loop through and add each ruleset name to the combo box. They re now available for the user to choose from. Listing 8-18. Retrieving the Rulesets Applicable to the Selected Workflow 1 2 3 4 5 6 Cursor.Current = Cursors.WaitCursor; cmboExistingRulesets.Items.Clear(); pnlRuleSets.Enabled = false; if (WFDataCollection[lbWorkflows.SelectedIndex].AssemblyName == null) { WFDataCollection[lbWorkflows.SelectedIndex].AssemblyName = GetAssemblyName(WFDataCollection [lbWorkflows.SelectedIndex].ID.ToString()); } Assembly a = Assembly.Load(WFDataCollection [lbWorkflows.SelectedIndex].AssemblyName); foreach (Type type in a.GetTypes()) { if ((type.BaseType.Name.ToLower() == "sequentialworkflowactivity") || (type.BaseType.Name.ToLower() == "statemachineworkflowactivity")) { WFDataCollection[lbWorkflows.SelectedIndex].AssemblyType = type; break; } } SPSite site = new SPSite(sSiteURL); SPWeb web = site.OpenWeb(); SPDocumentLibrary dl = (SPDocumentLibrary)web.Lists["Rules"]; SPQuery qry = new SPQuery(); qry.Query = string.Format(@"<Where><Eq> <FieldRef Name='WorkflowName' /><Value Type='Text'>{0}</Value> </Eq></Where>", WFDataCollection[lbWorkflows.SelectedIndex].AssemblyType.Name); SPListItemCollection lic = dl.GetItems(qry);
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Leverage LINQ to Query Entities in Cloud Storage
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static void Main( string[] args) { } static int static int Main() { }
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