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Note A very good summary of PAE on Windows , Server can be found at
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The default behavior of the UsernameTokenManager class is to authenticate the user against an Active Directory or a local Windows account. In this example, we are going to override the default behavior of this class by creating a custom username token manager. To accomplish this, you will need to create a new class file named UsernameTokenManager.cs, and type in the code shown in Listing 6-7.
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Notice that it has an mDate instance field, which is the underlying DateTime value of the SmartDate. Supporting empty date values is more complex than it might appear. An empty date still has meaning, and in fact it is possible to compare a regular date to an empty date and get a valid result. Consider the previous sales order example. If the shipment date is unknown, it will be empty. But effectively, that empty date is infinitely far in the future. Were you to compare that empty shipment date to any other date, the shipment date would be the larger of the two. Conversely, there are cases in which an empty date should be considered to be smaller than the smallest possible date. This concept is important, as it allows for meaningful comparisons between dates and empty dates. Such comparisons make implementation of validation rules and other business logic far simpler. You can, for instance, loop through a set of Order objects to find all the objects with a shipment date less than today; without the need to worry about empty dates: For Each order As Order In OrderList If order.ShipmentDate <= Today Then Assuming ShipmentDate is a SmartDate, this will work great, and any empty dates will be considered to be larger than any actual date value.
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An interface is more than just a list of members for a class or struct to implement. It is a reference type. You cannot access an interface directly through the class object s members. You can, however, get a reference to the interface by casting the class object reference to the type of the interface. Once you have a reference to the interface, you can use dot-syntax notation with the reference to call interface members. For example, the following code shows an example of getting an interface reference from a class object reference. In the first statement, variable mc is a reference to a class object that implements interface IIfc1. The statement casts that reference to a reference to the interface and assigns it to variable ifc. The second statement uses the reference to the interface to call the implementation method.
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Create the Web Service (Steps 3 5)
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What Are Cross-Platform and Portability
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Figure 5-2. The ScriptManger control
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Service Manager Objects
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Wizard, which was used to create pivot tables in Excel 2003 and earlier versions. This is not on the Ribbon, but you can open it with a keyboard shortcut, or add it to the QAT, as described in Section 1.7. Follow these steps to create the pivot table from data on separate worksheets, as in the sample file named MultiConsolSales.xlsx. 1. On the keyboard, press Alt+D, P or, on the QAT, click the PivotTable and PivotChart , Wizard. 2. In Step 1 of the PivotTable and PivotChart Wizard, select Multiple Consolidation Ranges, and then click Next. 3. In Step 2a, select one of the page options, and then click Next. For more information on the page options, see the following Notes section. 4. In Step 2b, click the Range box, select the first range, and then click Add, to add it to the All Ranges list. 5. Repeat Step 4 for each of the remaining ranges, to add it to the list. 6. If you chose I Will Create The Page Fields, you can select each range, and assign field names, as described in the following Notes section. 7. Click Next and, in Step 3, select a location for the pivot table, and then click Finish. 8. If you created page fields, you can rename them on the worksheet, where they appear in the Report Filter area. For example, select the cell that contains the label Page1, and type Salesperson. 9. In the Column Labels drop-down list, hide any columns that contain meaningless data, such as Customer, which is a text field.
CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPod touch with iTunes
If you apply a different theme in your workbook, or modify the current theme, your pivot table s appearance and PivotTable styles may be affected. The theme colors and fonts will override the settings in the PivotTable styles, and they could affect the way the pivot table appears. To apply a different theme, follow these steps: 1. On the Ribbon, click the Page Layout tab. 2. In the Themes group, click Themes, and then in the Themes gallery, click the theme you want to apply. The colors and fonts in your file will change, and your pivot table and Excel Table may be wider or narrower, if the fonts are much different. In the Themes group on the Page Layout tab, the icons have changed, to reflect the colors, fonts, and effects of the current theme. In the PivotTable Styles gallery, the styles use the colors from the new theme. Even the font in the row and column buttons changes to the Body font for the current theme.
A constructed class type is used just like a regular type in creating references and instances. For example, the following code shows the creation of two class objects. The first line shows the creation of an object from a regular, non-generic class. This is a form that you should be completely familiar with by now. The second line of code shows the creation of an object from generic class SomeClass, instantiated with types short and int. The form is exactly analogous to the line above it, with the constructed class forms in place of a regular class name. The third line is the same semantically as the second line, but rather than listing the constructed type on both sides of the equals sign, it uses the var keyword to make the compiler use type inference. MyNonGenClass myNGC = new MyNonGenClass (); Constructed class Constructed class SomeClass<short, int> mySc1 = new SomeClass<short, int>(); var mySc2 = new SomeClass<short, int>(); As with non-generic classes, the reference and the instance can be created separately, as shown in Figure 19-6. The figure also shows that what is going on in memory is the same as for a non-generic class. The first line below the generic class declaration allocates a reference in the stack for variable myInst. Its value is null. The second line allocates an instance in the heap, and assigns its reference to the variable.
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