Writes a decimal value Writes a double value Writes a short or ushort value
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How It Works
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You created a pivot table from an Access query, and the Access file was moved to a different directory. When you tried to refresh the pivot table, you got the error message Could not find file C:\_Work\Shipments.accdb . When you clicked OK, a dialog box appeared with the heading, Please Enter Microsoft Office Access Database Engine OLE DB Initialization Information. Just reading that heading makes you tired, and you d like to find a simple way to reconnect the pivot table to the database. This problem is based on the Shipments.xlsx and Shipments.accdb sample files.
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The Border
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Once you ve defined the individual tests, they need to be executed. NUnit tests aren t executed directly, but rather the NUnit application bootstraps the application or assembly. There are two ways to run NUnit tests: from the console or the GUI. For this book s purposes, I use the console application. Assuming that the name of the application to execute is called chap02NUnit.exe, then the command line to run the tests is as follows: nunit-console.exe chap02NUnit.exe The application nunit-console.exe loads the application chap02NUnit.exe, and searches for the attribute TestFixture. Upon finding those attributes, the classes are iterated for tests that are then executed. Running NUnit then generates the following output. (Note that NUnit works, and has been personally tested, on multiple platforms and using multiple toolkits. The illustrated examples were executed on a Mac OS X computer running Mono.)
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created. The Memento instance never contains references that both Memento and Simple share. When Memento is assigned the state of a reference object, a clone is made.
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SOAP and Web Services
The AcceptChanges() method isn t nearly as complicated as UndoChanges(). It also decrements the _editLevel field to counter one call to CopyState(). The method then cascades the AcceptChanges() call to each child object so that each child object can accept its own changes. The only complex bit of code is that the edit level added value of each child must also be altered: void Core.IUndoableObject.AcceptChanges( int parentEditLevel, bool parentBindingEdit) { if (!parentBindingEdit) AcceptChanges(parentEditLevel); } private void AcceptChanges(int parentEditLevel) { if (this.EditLevel - 1 < parentEditLevel) throw new Core.UndoException( string.Format(Resources.EditLevelMismatchException, "AcceptChanges")); // we are coming up one edit level _editLevel -= 1; if (_editLevel < 0) _editLevel = 0;
LOBs may appear in these clauses provided a function is applied to the LOB that converts it into a scalar SQL type such as a VARCHAR2, NUMBER, or DATE. PL/SQL works fully with LOB types.
The complete script for this page is as follows: <script type="text/xml-script"> <page xmlns:script="http://schemas.microsoft.com/xml-script/2005"> <components> <textBox targetElement="textBoxText" /> <select targetElement="selectStyle"> <selectionChanged> <invokeMethod target="setCss" method="evaluateIn" /> </selectionChanged> </select> <label targetElement="labelText"> <bindings> <binding dataContext="textBoxText" dataPath="text" property="text" />
interpolation, and there are many ways you can specify this interpolation, such as using the new animation-easing functions introduced in Silverlight 3 to easily create a bouncing effect. Whether you use from/to/by animation or keyframe animation, the actual animation is controlled by a storyboard. The storyboard contains a specific animation, such as moving our rectangle from the right to the left using a from/to/by animation. Before we delve into the specifics of storyboards and animation techniques, it s important to understand how time is used by the animation system in Silverlight.
Combining Contravariance and Covariance
Each of these attributes can be applied to only one method in the serializable class. Furthermore, the methods that these attributes are applied to must declare no return type (by using the void keyword) and must have a single parameter of the StreamingContext struct from the System.Runtime.Serialization namespace. (The StreamingContext struct is an advanced type outside of the scope of this book).
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