Since UndoableBase is an implementation of n-level undo capability, each object could end up storing a number of snapshots. As each undo or accept operation occurs, it gets rid of the most recently stored snapshot; this is the classic behavior of a stack data structure. Fortunately, the .NET Framework includes a prebuilt Stack<T> class that implements the required functionality. It is declared as follows: [NotUndoable] private Stack<byte[]> _stateStack = new Stack<byte[]>(); This field is marked as NotUndoable to prevent taking a snapshot of previous snapshots. CopyState() should just record the fields that contain actual business data. Once a snapshot has been taken of the object s data, the snapshot is serialized into a single byte stream. That byte stream is then put on the stack. From there, it can be retrieved and deserialized to perform an undo operation if needed.
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The final step is to wire the Button control so that we save changes to the database. Double-click the Button in the design view, and add the following statement to the event handler method that is created:
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Note This kind of billboarding is labeled cylindrical, because when you position the camera inside a lot of such billboarded images, they will create a cylindrical tunnel. This is caused by the fact that they are allowed to be rotated along only one direction. Figure 3-18 shows such a tunnel.
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Tim Novikoff
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Performance Tip
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Figure 7-8. Virtual method and an override method
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Figure 7-15. Status dialog box when creating a new user
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Figure 36-7. Adding a custom action The Select Item in Project dialog box will appear. Select Application Folder from the Look In dropdown list, as shown in Figure 36-8, and click the OK button.
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Use Policy Frameworks to Enforce Web Service Requirements with WS-Policy
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up with the bytes of the preceding complete block, so that it possesses a block that s exactly 8 bytes in length. After the incomplete block is filled, the two last blocks are exchanged, and the last block is trimmed so that the message again has its original length. The length of the cipher data is thus identical to the original data. Known text attacks can be prevented by CBC and CBS.
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Where duplicate names exist, due to grouping, use the syntax shown in the error message. For example, to calculate a bonus for Desk sales, use the formula =Product[Desk]*.05.
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