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Given that DataContract and Serializable provide the same functionality, though with an opt-in or opt-out philosophy, the obvious question is when to use each option. Or to be blunt: when should anyone use DataContract In general, I don t recommend switching from Serializable to DataContract. For most business objects, the desired behavior is to include all fields when an object is serialized, so the opt-out model used by Serializable is better. If you use the opt-in model of DataContract, it is too easy to forget to put the DataMember attribute on a field, in which case that field is ignored when the object is serialized. The resulting bug can be difficult to discover and debug. You should also be aware that WF uses the BinaryFormatter to serialize objects when a workflow is suspended. If you intend to use your business objects within a workflow, you should avoid using DataContract to ensure that your objects can be serialized if necessary. The DataContract and DataMember attributes are designed to support service-oriented design. In 21, I show how you can build service-oriented WCF services. That is the appropriate place for using these attributes.
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Table 11-1. Continued
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This cause of the ORA-01555 error is hard to eliminate entirely, but it is rare anyway, as the circumstances under which it occurs do not happen frequently (at least not in Oracle8i and above anymore). We have already discussed the block cleanout mechanism, but to summarize, it is the process whereby the next session to access a block after it has been modified may have to check to see if the transaction that last modified the block is still active. Once the process determines that the transaction is not active, it cleans out the block so that the next session to access it does not have to go through the same process again. To clean out the block, Oracle determines the undo segment used for the previous transaction (from the block"s header) and then determines whether the undo header indicates that the transaction has been committed and, if so, when it committed. This confirmation is accomplished in one of two ways. One way is that Oracle can determine that the transaction committed a long time ago, even though its transaction slot has been overwritten in the undo segment transaction table. The other way is that the COMMIT SCN is still in the transaction table of the undo segment, meaning the transaction committed a short time ago, and its transaction slot hasn t been overwritten. To receive the ORA-01555 error from a delayed block cleanout, all of the following conditions must be met: A modification is made and COMMITed, and the blocks are not cleaned out automatically (e.g., the transaction modified more blocks than can fit in 10 percent of the SGA block buffer cache). These blocks are not touched by another session and will not be touched until our unfortunate query (displayed shortly) hits it.
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n this chapter, you ll begin by looking at aspects of exception handling in C++/CLI that are not present in classic C++. Then you ll look at attributes, which supply metadata for a type and, although not part of standard C++, may be familiar if you ve used previous versions of Visual C++. You ll learn how to use the existing .NET Framework attributes, examine some of the common ones, and look at how to define and use your own attributes. Finally, you ll get a brief overview of the reflection features of the .NET Framework, which provide a way to discover information on a type at runtime and use that information to interact dynamically with a type.
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