The Tracking Profile Editor, shown in Figure 4-13, allows you tie BizTalk BAM activities to their server component counterparts (orchestrations, ports, and so on). We won t be using this particular application in this book. However, I encourage you to visit the BizTalk site (http://www.microsoft.com/biztalk) for more information after you have a good grasp on BAM activity creation and monitoring.
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How WSE Works with ASP.NET
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Every Oracle database has at least two online redo log groups with at least a single member (redo log file) in each group. These online redo log groups are used in a circular fashion. Oracle will write to the log files in group 1, and when it gets to the end of the files in group 1, it will switch to log file group 2 and begin writing to that one. When it has filled log file group 2, it will switch back to log file group 1 (assuming you have only two redo log file groups; if you have three, Oracle would, of course, proceed to the third group). Redo logs, or transaction logs, are one of the major features that make a database a database. They are perhaps its most important recovery structure, although without the other pieces such as undo segments, distributed transaction recovery, and so on, nothing works. They are a major component of what sets a database apart from a conventional file system. The online redo logs allow us to effectively recover from a power outage one that might happen while Oracle is in the middle of a write. The archived redo logs let us recover from media failures when, for instance, the hard disk goes bad or human error causes data loss. Without redo logs, the database would not offer any more protection than a file system.
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CHAPTER 2: Responsive Social Gaming with RESTful Web Services
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want to add a Bezier curve to a point, hold down the Alt key and then click and drag a point, as shown in Figure 2-6.
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Your pivot table is in the Tabular Form layout, and you d like to center the field labels vertically for the outer fields in the Row Labels area of the pivot table. This example is based on the Regions.xlsx workbook.
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Class C1 declares both public and private fields and methods. Figure 4-6 illustrates the visibility of the members of class C1. class C1 { int F1; private int F2; public int F3; void DoCalc() { ... } public int GetVal() { ... } }
In the following example, class ColorCollection has two enumerable iterators one enumerating the items in forward order and the other enumerating them in reverse order. Notice that although it has two methods that return enumerables, the class itself is not enumerable since it doesn t implement GetEnumerator. using System; using System.Collections.Generic;
Figure 5-28. Stream containing two MyCustomVertexFormats Finally, you indicate one vertex occupies a total of sizeof(float)*(3+2+4) = 36 bytes (three floats for the Position, two for the texture coordinate, and four for the extra Vector4).
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