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File name: .\Listing 01.pdb File name: .\Listing 01.vshost.exe File name: .\Listing 01.vshost.exe.manifest
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The I2cBus Component
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To create this client, start Visual Studio 2005, create a new web site, edit the page Default.aspx, and set its content to be the same as Listing 1-1.
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Parallelization Overview
Overview of Role-Based Authorization
The similarities between pentominoes and tangrams are many, but there are a few key differences. Because pentomino games have twelve pieces as opposed to seven, I needed to modify the game to display a larger number of pieces. Since my code was modular, I simply created a modified version of the existing piece class and placed it in the game. Twelve subversions of that class later, I had all the shapes in the game (see Figure 5-30). I could move, rotate, and flip them. I placed a grid on the screen and had a working prototype of the new game based on the original one all in about a day!
You can download both projects from the book s page at www.friendsofed.com. For an extra added lesson in building Out-Of-Browser Silverlight applications, go to http://www.windowspresentationfoundation.com/ p=439 and learn how to build your very own TutorialCam webcam application like I use in my own tutorials. You can watch a video tutorial on how to create your default OOB Silverlight application here: http://www.windowspresentationfoundation. com/ p=265.
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