Scroll down the page to sync email account settings, browser bookmarks, and notes. NOTE: After syncing the email account settings to your iPod touch, you ll still have to enter your password for each email account in the Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars for each email account. You have to do this only once on your iPod touch for each account. 1. Scroll down below the Calendar settings on the same Info tab in iTunes to see the Mail account settings. Check the Sync Mail Accounts from box and adjust the pull-down menu to the software or service that stores your email (Figure 3 4). This might be Outlook on a Windows computer, or Entourage or Mail on a Mac.
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GZipStream(Stream, CompressionMode)
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The partial keyword is used to define a class or method that is implemented across multiple code files.
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Csla.Server.IDataPortalServer Csla.DataPortalClient.IDataPortalProxy Csla.DataPortalClient.LocalProxy
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After you create a pivot chart, you can select a series in the chart and change it to a different chart type. 1. In the pivot chart, right-click a column in the New York series that you want to change. 2. In the context menu, click Change Series Chart Type. 3. In the Change Chart Type dialog box, click the Line chart type and the chart subtype you prefer, and then click OK.
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Note The types of interface technologies continue to multiply, and each comes with a new and relatively incompatible technology with which you must work. It s virtually impossible to create a programming framework that entirely abstracts interface concepts. Because of this, the architecture and framework will merely support the creation of varied interfaces, not automate their creation. Instead, the focus will be on simplifying the other layers in the architecture, for which technology is more stable.
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if (ApplicationContext.AuthenticationType == "Windows") { // When using integrated security, Principal must be null if (context.Principal == null) { // Set .NET to use integrated security AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetPrincipalPolicy( PrincipalPolicy.WindowsPrincipal); return; } else { throw new System.Security.SecurityException( Resources.NoPrincipalAllowedException); } } // We expect the Principal to be of the type BusinesPrincipal if (context.Principal != null) { if (context.Principal is Security.BusinessPrincipalBase) ApplicationContext.User = context.Principal; else throw new System.Security.SecurityException( Resources.BusinessPrincipalException + " " + ((object)context.Principal).ToString()); } else throw new System.Security.SecurityException( Resources.BusinessPrincipalException + " Nothing"); There s a lot going on here, so let s break it down a bit. First, there s the check to ensure that custom authentication is being used. If Windows integrated (AD) security is being used, then Windows itself handles any impersonation, based on the configuration of the host (IIS, COM+, etc). In that case, the IPrincipal value passed from the client must be null, or else it is invalid, so the code throws an exception.
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We need to change the labels so that the significance of each related TextBox control is obvious. Change the Text property for the labels so that the values are (from the topmost control to the bottom) Minutes:, Laps:, Length (m):, Cals/hr:. Notice that the HTML changes each time you edit a control. Some programmers prefer to write the HTML directly and avoid using the design tools. This can be a quicker way to create a program but also tends to create more errors. Once you have made the changes, your design surface should look similar to Figure 34-7.
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Listing 7-8. Excerpt of Execution Plan When a Good Index Does Exist -----------------------------------------------------------------------| Id | Operation | Name | A-Rows | -----------------------------------------------------------------------| 32 | TABLE ACCESS BY INDEX ROWID | GL_ACCOUNT_INSTANCE | 606K| |* 33 | INDEX RANGE SCAN | GL_ACCOUNT_INSTANCE_IX5 | 606K| Predicate Information (identified by operation id): --------------------------------------------------33 - access("TD"."GL_SYS_ID"="GLI"."GL_SYS_ID" AND "GLI"."GL_ACCT_STAT_CD"="ACTIVE" AND "TD"."GL_ACCT_NAME_CD"="GLI"."GL_ACCT_NAME_CD") It was easy to see how having the filter conditions applied at the parent table access step caused more work to occur. The more often an index can provide complete coverage for the conditions in your SQL, the less work you incur to get the final result set. It may not always be possible to create an index to cover your predicates completely. However, if performance for a particular query is critical, you ll want to make sure that indexes provide the highest coverage possible.
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the height difference between your camera and the terrain by changing the threshold value. The code will make sure the height of your camera is always adjusted so there is a height difference of threshold between your camera and your terrain.
namespace InterfaceProject { interface INumberOfSeats { void ShowNumberOfSeats(); } }
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