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Table 4-1 lists the types required to implement the channel adapter portion of the data portal. Table 4-1. Types Required for the Channel Adapter
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Bonjour is Apple s solution to zero-configuration networking over IP. Any application running a Bonjour service on a network can be discovered quickly by another application searching for a service of the same type on that network, allowing the two remote applications to interact with one another without any prior knowledge of each other s existence. When applying this to iPhone gaming, Bonjour means that a device on the network can be running a service unique to that game while using Bonjour to advertise the service to other devices over the network. Meanwhile, another device on the network browses for the game service and, thanks to Bonjour, will quickly discover the first device available to connect with. After using the information being broadcast by Bonjour to resolve the details of the remote service, the devices can connect to each other and start to communicate the necessary gaming information.
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Regions Accessing a Member
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Namespace Csla.Core Public Interface IBusinessObject End Interface End Namespace Notice that this interface has no members (methods, properties, and so on). This is because there are no common behaviors across both read-only and editable business objects. The interface remains useful, however, because it allows code to easily detect whether an object is a business object through code like this: If TypeOf theObject Is Csla.Core.IBusinessObject Then ' theObject is a business object End If The next couple of interfaces will have more members.
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Remember that each rule method accepts a target parameter, which is the object containing the data to be validated. This target is always the business object, so ValidationRules keeps a reference to the business object. This reference is provided via the constructor and can be reset through the SetTarget() method both of which you ve seen in the implementation of Csla.Core. BusinessBase: <NonSerialized()> _ Private mTarget As Object Friend Sub New(ByVal businessObject As Object) SetTarget(businessObject) End Sub Friend Sub SetTarget(ByVal businessObject As Object) mTarget = businessObject End Sub Notice that the mTarget field is marked as <NonSerialized()>. This is important because otherwise the BinaryFormatter would trace the circular reference between the business object and the ValidationRules object, causing a bloated serialization byte stream. No failure would result, but the size of the byte stream would be larger than needed, which may cause a performance issue in some cases.
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When using integrated Windows authentication, your application and .NET relies on the underlying Windows operating system to take care of the authentication and to provide information about the user. Although most of the work is done for you by Windows and .NET, you do need to configure the environment, including both CSLA .NET and .NET.
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Modifying and Transforming XML Data
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Returns true if two numeric values are the same Returns true if two numeric values are not the same Returns true if one numeric value is smaller than another Returns true if one numeric value is larger than another Returns true if one numeric value is smaller or the same as another Returns true if one numeric value is larger of the same as another
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