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Tip Sometimes when questioning experienced end users about recent changes, they may divulge some
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Figure 14-12. Silverlight DataGrid In the previous example, you let Silverlight automatically determine the columns that would be bound in the DataGrid. Normally, however, you will want more control over how the data is displayed for which you will use DataTemplates. Let s modify the DataGrid to use a template: 1. Open DataBindingTest.xaml and add the following code beneath the dgSimple DataGrid: <Data:DataGrid x:Name="dgSpecify" AutoGenerateColumns="False"> <Data:DataGrid.Columns> <Data:DataGridTemplateColumn> <Data:DataGridTemplateColumn.CellTemplate> <DataTemplate> <TextBlock Text="{Binding Length}" /> </DataTemplate> </Data:DataGridTemplateColumn.CellTemplate> </Data:DataGridTemplateColumn> <Data:DataGridTextColumn Binding="{Binding Title, Mode=TwoWay}"> </Data:DataGridTextColumn> </Data:DataGrid.Columns> </Data:DataGrid>
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{ public override void ShowModeOfTransporation() { throw new NotImplementedException(); } public override void ShowNumberOfSeats() { base.ShowNumberOfSeats(); } } }
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As Figure 27 10 shows, you can look at the route either as a path on the map or as a list.
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By stimulating the user s curiosity, I m not only engaging her, but I m also allowing myself to get rid of a bunch of clutter. The user doesn t need to drag both white and black pieces from the drawer onto the board simultaneously. And here s the interesting part; by hiding the UI, I m making it even more powerful. In this context I ve done that by allowing the user to double-tap a piece to toggle its color. So if you have a black knight on the board and you want it to be white, simply double-tap it. So, you could easily place all the pieces in just one color and then double-tap the pieces that need to be the opposite color. If you double-tap a piece in the drawer, all drawer pieces swap color (just like tapping the color switch button), as shown in Figure 1-14. The power is in what s not there, rather than in what is there. That s my simplistic solution. My solution for setting the game state is to reuse the UI that s already there in the form of the Game Info view under the i-button (shown earlier in Figure 1-11). Once again, I ve eliminated unneeded UI by implementing a design that can be used for both displaying and setting the game state and information while both playing the game and setting up a given position.
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In the listing, I have created an instance using the static Console.Out property as the constructor parameter, like this:
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Representing SOAP Messages in the WSE 3.0 Messaging Framework
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Csla.DataPortal Class
Installing the .NET 2.0 SP1 Files
Note While this book is not about building a custom workflow host, the onWorkflowActivated activity hints
One key aspect of CRC-based design is that an object s responsibility should be short and to the point. Long, complex responsibility descriptions are an indication that the object model is flawed, and that the complicated object should probably be represented by a set of simpler objects that collaborate to achieve the goal. The diagram should also include relationships between the entities in the diagram. For the most part, these relationships can be inferred from the use case descriptions for instance, we can infer that a list of projects will likely contain Project objects; and that a Project object will likely contain a list of assigned resources, which in turn will likely contain Resource objects. Note that I use the word likely here, rather than will. We re still very much in a fluid design stage here, so nothing is yet certain. We have a list of potential objects, and we re inferring a list of potential relationships. Figure 6-1 is an illustration of how these objects relate to each other. Looking at the CRC list and this diagram, there is some indication that there s more work to do. There are several issues that you should look for and address, including duplicate objects, trivial objects, objects that have overly complex relationships in the diagram, and places that can be optimized for performance.
The UIElement class provides two virtual methods that you can override in your custom element to handle button events from the user: OnButtonDown and OnButtonUp. If you handle an event, you should mark it as handled to avoid unnecessary further event routing and to let the parent elements know that it was handled. protected override void OnButtonDown(ButtonEventArgs e) { if(e.Button == Button.Left) { ... e.Handled = true; // mark as handled to avoid bubbling up } }
Figure 3-3 doesn t give you give a sense of scale. Each of those technologies is huge and worthy of entire books. My goal in this book is to get you started on the path to being productive with each technology, but I am introducing you to each and every one, which means there are limits to how deep into each area I can go. I assume that you like to learn from books or e-books given you are reading this book, so I ll also recommend books that are dedicated to each topic. Some of these will be shameless plugs for my own books, and most of the others are published by Apress, but I have also recommended some that are from other publishers.
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