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When I bought my first Newton in 1996, I soon realized that a portable device like that was the perfect companion for playing chess. It was always at hand, always ready, and ever patient. This was back when Apple didn t enjoy the mass adoption of its products and when developers were counted by the dozens, not the thousands. At the time, three years after the Newton was launched, there existed only one chess application. It was expensive, feature-poor, and slow. From a UI perspective, it was even unattractive. In the summer of 1997, I made the first sketches for my own chess application. The year before, IBM s Deep Blue chess computer became the first machine to win a chess game against a reigning world champion (Garry Kasparov). With Newton s green enclosure and screen, the name for Deep Green was obvious. In early 1998, I released the first public beta, as shown in Figure 1-1.
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You download a new data source file for your pivot table every month, so the dates in the source data change frequently. You d like to create a calculated item in which you refer to the items in the OrderDate field by number in the formulas, instead of by name. For example, instead of creating a calculated item that sums August 1 and August 15, it would sum the first OrderDate and the fifteenth OrderDate. The example shown is from the DateCalc.xlsx workbook.
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2. When the New Project dialog box appears, select Silverlight for the Project type, select
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Syncing Email Accounts, Browser Bookmarks, and Notes
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If you use more than one calendar in Outlook, Entourage, iCal, or some other program, then you will have various calendars available to you when you sync your iPod touch with that program. NOTE: If you create an event and choose an Exchange or MobileMe calendar, then you ll see an option to invite other users to the event. Touch the Calendar button in the upper-left corner to see all your calendars. Tap the calendar you want to use for this particular event. The default calendar selected is usually the one you selected the last time you used your iPod touch to schedule an event.
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The rules for structuring EH clauses within a method are neither numerous nor overly complex. All the blocks try, filter, handler, finally, and fault of each EH clause must be fully contained within the method code. No block can protrude from the method. The guarded blocks and the handler blocks belonging to the same EH clause or different EH clauses can t partially overlap. A block either is fully contained within another block or is completely outside it. If one guarded block (A) is contained within another guarded block (B) but is not equal to it, all handlers assigned to A must also be fully contained within B. A handler block of an EH clause can t be contained within a guarded block of the same clause, and vice versa. And a handler block can t be contained in another handler block that is assigned to the same guarded block. A filter block can t contain any guarded blocks or handler blocks. All blocks must start and end on instruction boundaries that is, at offsets corresponding to the first byte of an instruction. Prefixed instructions must not be split, meaning that you can t have constructs such as tail. .try { call ... }. A guarded block must start at a code point where the evaluation stack is empty.
affects end-user performance to an even greater extent. This can happen if the original problem throttled back the throughput requests to this newly bottlenecked resource. For example, if your system has severe CPU contention and the application is tuned, you may choose to add more CPUs to increase throughput. However, if the I/O subsystem is not configured to support the increase in workload and I/O latency increases, you may find that enduser performance is worse than when CPU was the bottleneck.
If you look at the code behind the designer for the UpdatePanel control from the previous example, you ll see the following: <atlas:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server"> <ContentTemplate> <asp:Label ID="lblResult" runat="server" Text="Label"></asp:Label> </ContentTemplate> </atlas:UpdatePanel> The <atlas:UpdatePanel> tag supports two child tags: the <ContentTemplate> tag and the <Triggers> tag.
As you well know by now, reference type objects comprise two parts in memory: the reference and the data. Part of the information held by the reference is the type of the data it is pointing at. A reference conversion takes a source reference and returns a reference pointing at the same place in the heap, but labels it as a different type. For example, the following code shows two reference variables, MyVar1 and MyVar2, that point to the same object in memory. The code is illustrated in Figure 18-17. To MyVar1, the object it references looks like an object of type B which it is. To MyVar2, the same object looks like an object of type A. Even though it is actually pointing at an object of type B, it cannot see the parts of B that extend A, and therefore cannot see Field2. The second WriteLine statement would, therefore, cause a compile error. Notice that the conversion does not change MyVar1. class A { public int Field1; }
The .NET Framework provides several possibilities for synchronization. A simple way to prevent a method from being executed by several threads at the same time is to mark the method as synchronized by adding the following attribute: [MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.Synchronized)] private void MySynchronizedMethod() { // } The synchronized method will be locked for other threads as soon as it is entered by a thread. Other threads trying to execute this method are blocked until the locking thread returns from the method.
The output of this code is the following: x == x is True x == y is False
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