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You cannot assign to a constant after its declaration. class MyClass { const int IntVal; IntVal = 100; }
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New Silverlight 4 Controls
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For example, the following code shows a new declaration for class MyClass, which implements interface IMyInterface1, declared in the previous section. Notice that the interface name is listed in the base class list after the colon and that the class provides the actual implementation code for the interface members. Colon Interface name class MyClass: IMyInterface1 { int DoStuff ( int nVar1, long lVar2 ) { ... } double DoOtherStuff( string s, long x ) { ... } } Some important things to know about implementing interfaces are the following: If a class implements an interface, it must implement all the members of that interface. If a class is derived from a base class and also implements interfaces, the name of the base class must be listed in the base class list before any interfaces, as shown here:
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Class constructors are static, have specialname and rtspecialname flags, cannot use the vararg calling convention, have neither parameters nor a return value (that is, the return type is void), and have the name .cctor, which in ILAsm is a keyword rather than a name. Because of this, only one class constructor per type can be declared. Normally, class constructors are never called from the IL code. If a type has a class constructor, this constructor is executed automatically after the type is loaded. However, a class constructor, like any other static method, can be called explicitly. As a result of such a call, the global fields of the type are reset to their initial values. Calling .cctor explicitly does not lead to type reloading.
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Before a client application can create a subclass of EnterpriseServicesProxy, it needs to create an assembly containing a subclass of EnterpriseServicesPortal. The purpose of this subclass is to provide a unique assembly name for this application within COM+. Where IIS allows you to define numerous virtual roots that expose the same assemblies, COM+ requires different assembly names to achieve isolation between applications. In order to run within the Enterprise Services environment, the class inherits from System. EnterpriseServices.ServicedComponent and has a couple Enterprise Services attributes applied: [EventTrackingEnabled(true)] [ComVisible(true)] public abstract class EnterpriseServicesPortal : ServicedComponent, Server.IDataPortalServer The [EventTrackingEnabled()] attribute ensures that the object reports its status to COM+ so the spinning balls work properly in the management console. The [ComVisible()] attribute is required so the class is exposed as a COM class, allowing COM+ to interact with it as needed. Because EnterpriseServicesPortal is a ServicedComponent, the Csla.dll assembly needs some extra configuration: The Csla project references System.EnterpriseServices.dll. The project/assembly is signed with a key file. The project includes an EnterpriseServicesSettings.cs file with some key attributes. Figure 4-9 shows the project properties page where the key file is specified to sign the assembly. Enterprise Services requires that assemblies be signed before they can run within COM+.
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ifc.PrintOut ("interface"); // Use ref to interface to call member Use dot-syntax notation to call through the interface reference. For example, the following code declares an interface and a class that implements it. The code in Main creates an object of the class, and calls the implementation method through the class object. It also creates a variable of the interface type, casts the reference of the class object to the interface type, and calls the implementation method through the reference to the interface. Figure 17-3 illustrates the class and the reference to the interface.
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Service Orientation vs. Service Oriented Architecture
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Public Sub New(ByVal id As Integer) mId = id End Sub Public Sub New() End Sub End Class <Serializable()> _ Private Class ChildCriteria End Class These two classes will be used to differentiate the way the object should be created.
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Leave this entry set to its default. Since our workflow.xml file is located in the same directory as our feature.xml we don t need to specify the full path to it. If for some reason, this were not the case, you would need to specify the full path and filename for your workflow definition file. You can delete this whole tag, leaving just one ElementManifest tag nested within the ElementManifests tag.
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Figure 9-8. The for loop
In this example, first notice the additional parameters set in the ServiceContract attribute. Namespace and Name together enable you to explicitly specify the namespace and name of the contract. By default, WCF uses the full interface or class name. Also notice the IsOneWay parameter is set in the OperationContract to indicate that the SaveCustomer method is a oneway operation with no return values.
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