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The Crossbow multisensor board allows developers to start working with actual sensors right from the beginning of the development cycle. It contains digital, calibrated environmental sensors for light, humidity, and temperature. In addition, this board features a low-noise, digital three-axis accelerometer, which can be used for tilt angle and motion detection. Furthermore, an external connector provides four external 0V to 3V analog channels with 12-bit resolution and an I2C bus for adding digital sensors. This unique and versatile sensor board plugs into the extension board connectors on the Imote2 platform. The multisensor board features include the following: Sensirion SHT15 dual temperature and humidity sensor Texas Instruments TMP175 digital temperature sensor TAOS TSL265 1ight sensor for visible and infrared light ST Micro LISL02DQ three-axis accelerometer Maxim MAX1363 analog-to-digital converter An I C bus interface to connect peripheral hardware
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The following is an additional example that indexes the two int fields of class Class1. class Class1 { int Temp0; int Temp1; public int this [ int index ] { get { return ( 0 == index ) Temp0 : Temp1; } set { if( 0 == index ) Temp0 = value; else Temp1 = value; } } } class Example { static void Main() { Class1 a = new Class1(); Console.WriteLine("Values -- T0: {0}, T1: {1}", a[0], a[1]); a[0] = 15; a[1] = 20; Console.WriteLine("Values -- T0: {0}, T1: {1}", a[0], a[1]); } } This code produces the following output: Values -- T0: 0, T1: 0 Values -- T0: 15, T1: 20 // Note the implicit variable "value". // Note the implicit variable "value".
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protected override int CalculateSum(int x, int y) { return x + y; } } Implementing an abstract method is just like overriding a virtual method. You use the override keyword, match the signature of the method, and provide an implementation of the method. (When you implement an abstract method, you can t use the base keyword to call the base class implementation of the method; there isn t one, of course, and the C# compiler will generate an error.) The class in Listing 9-63 provides implementations of both of the abstract methods in the base class. We can create instances of this derived class and treat it either as an instance of the base class or as an instance of the derived class, like this: // create an new CalcImpl BaseCalculator calc = new CalcImpl(); // perform some calculations int result1 = calc.PerformCalculation(10, 20, true); int result2 = calc.PerformCalculation(10, 20, false); // print out the results Console.WriteLine("Result1: {0}", result1); Console.WriteLine("Result2: {0}", result2); Compiling and running the two classes from Listings 9-61 and 9-62, and these statements produce the following results: Result1: 200 Result2: 30 Press enter to finish If a derived class doesn t implement all the abstract methods in a base class, then the derived class must also be declared as abstract. Derived classes can choose to implement some of the abstract methods and even seal them so that further derived classes cannot provide their own implementations. Listing 9-64 contains an example. Listing 9-64. Selectively Implementing Abstract Methods abstract class SelectiveImpl : BaseCalculator { protected sealed override int CalculateProduct(int x, int y) { return x * y; } } class FinalCalculator : SelectiveImpl { protected override int CalculateSum(int x, int y) { return x + y;
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namespace Kuehner.SPOT.Emulator { public class ComPortToServerSocket : ComPortToStream { private Socket serverSocket; private IPAddress clientIpAddress = IPAddress.Loopback; private int ipPort = 23; private bool showWaitMessage = true; protected override void InitializeProtected() { base.InitializeProtected(); if (this.Stream == null) { this.serverSocket = new Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp); this.serverSocket.Bind(new IPEndPoint(this.clientIpAddress, this.ipPort) ); this.serverSocket.Listen(1); string message = string.Format(null, "The component {0} is waiting " + "for a client to connect at " + "port {1} for COM{2}.",
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.NET assemblies can be defined as byte streams containing metadata, managed code, and managed resources.1 The format of the byte stream is an extension of the PE file format (the file format of DLL and EXE files on Windows NT and later Windows operating systems). In fact, most assemblies are stored as files; however, it is also possible to store assemblies in other locations. As an example, assemblies implementing stored procedures can be stored in SQL Server 2005 databases. All managed services mentioned previously require metadata at runtime. Therefore, metadata is a fundamental and mandatory part of .NET assemblies. Metadata is automatically generated for the assembly itself, for all managed functions, for all managed types, and for all members of managed types.
:object_name:object_name_i, :subobject_name:subobject_name_i, :object_id:object_id_i, :data_object_id:data_object_id_i, :object_type:object_type_i, :created:created_i, :last_ddl_time:last_ddl_time_i, :timestamp:timestamp_i, :status:status_i, :temporary:temporary_i, :generated:generated_i, :secondary:secondary_i; exec sql insert into t ( id, OWNER, OBJECT_NAME, SUBOBJECT_NAME, OBJECT_ID, DATA_OBJECT_ID, OBJECT_TYPE, CREATED, LAST_DDL_TIME, TIMESTAMP, STATUS, TEMPORARY, GENERATED, SECONDARY ) values ( s.nextval, :owner:owner_i, :object_name:object_name_i, :subobject_name:subobject_name_i, :object_id:object_id_i, :data_object_id:data_object_id_i, :object_type:object_type_i, :created:created_i, :last_ddl_time:last_ddl_time_i, :timestamp:timestamp_i, :status:status_i, :temporary:temporary_i, :generated:generated_i, :secondary:secondary_i ); if ( (++cnt%100) == 0 ) { exec sql commit; } } exec sql whenever notfound continue; exec sql commit; exec sql close c; The Pro*C was precompiled with a PREFETCH of 100, making this C code analogous to the PL/SQL code in Oracle 10g.
Events Are Like Delegates Overview of Source Code Components Declaring an Event Raising an Event Subscribing to an Event Standard Event Usage The MyTimerClass Code Event Accessors
Table 5-9. Continued
for (int radius = 1; radius <= 5; radius++) { double area = radius * radius * PI; // Read from local constant Console.WriteLine ("Radius: {0}, Area: {1}", radius, area); } }
Client-side DataPortal Client-side proxy classes Message objects
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